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HLS Green Living Program

Green Living Pledge Tabling
 The Harvard Law School Green Living Program, which began in 2005, is a peer-to-peer education initiative that promotes sustainable living in the Harvard Law School residence halls and across campus.  Six Green Living Representatives ("Reps") connect with fellow students about energy and water conservation and waste reduction through activities and information sharing, and also take on independent projects designed to help students reduce their environmental impacts.  The program is supported by HLS Facilities Management and is coordinated through the Office for Sustainability.  

New Reps are hired each spring semester for the coming academic year.  Contact the HLS Sustainability Program Manager at sustainability@law.harvard.edu to learn more about how to apply.

 Energy Tips for Residents

 Visit the Green Living Energy page for more specific information about conserving energy in the dorms.

 2014-2015 Green Living Reps

The Green Living Reps serve as a resource use for the dorm residents and lead a number of sustainability campaigns, initiatives and events for the Law School community throughout the academic year.
 Austin Anderson, JD'16 - Shaw 1/Story 1, Story 4, Holmes 3/Ames 3
 Kathryn Greis, JD'15 - Holmes 2/ Ames 2, Shaw 2/Story 2, Dane 2, Dane 3
 Gabrielle Hodsgon, JD'16 - Hastings, Entries 1 - 5
 Cassie Mitchell, JD'17 -Shaw 3/Story 3, Dane 1/Ames 1, Ames 4
 Rebecca Pskowski, JD'15 - North 1, 2, 3, North 4, 5, 6
 Cecilia Segal, JD'15 - HLS Apts
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