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About Us

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Who We Are

The entire Harvard Law School community, including students, faculty, and staff, drives the campus's sustainability efforts.  Some of the key partners in advancing these efforts include:

Dean for Administration Francis McCrossan oversees the Law School's commitment to the University's sustainability principles,  particularly the University Greenhouse Gas Goal.
Director of Facilities John Arciprete and Energy Manager Eric Potkin develop and implement building improvement projects.
Sustainability Program Manager Anne Sargent, from the Harvard Office for Sustainability, leads community engagement, outreach and communications initiatives.
Dining and Custodial Services Staff providecrucial daily support to HLS sustainability efforts.

In addition, dozens of additional staff, students, and faculty are involved through our Green Team, Green Living Program, Green Office Program, Green Early Interview Program, and other initiatives.  

Our Goals

Sustainability Principles adopted in 2004 define Harvard’s vision for a healthier, more sustainable campus. Driven by science and our responsibility to act, University-wide goals and commitments have been established that lay out a clear roadmap for reducing the impact of campus operations:

Goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 30% by 2016 from a 2006 baseline, including growth.

Green Building Standards ensure that all sustainable design and environmental targets are vetted and achieved in a cost-effective manner.

What We Have Accomplished

Our actions are adding up!  The Harvard Law School has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions through fiscal year 2012 by 19% including growth (i.e. including construction and rennovations) and 42% excluding growth.  Visit the Harvard Sustainability Impact Report (www.green.harvard.edu/report) for University-wide data and metrics.



Our whole community is a part of these efforts and roughly half of the above energy and emission savings are attributable to occupant conservation.  Thanks in particular to the students, staff, and faculty who adjust their thermostats in support of the Harvard Temperature Policy, shut down electronics at the end of the day, switch off power strips, and turn off lights.  

To learn more about our efforts, please browse the rest of our website, and in particular the Green Living Program, Green Team, and Projects and Initiatives pages.

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