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When do I review my PCard?

PCard charges are paid directly by Harvard each Thursday. The Friday before the PCard sweep cardholders are required to review charges in the settlement system.

When I click on report, my transaction is not there. What's wrong?

Settlement System reports are generated for specific GL sweep dates assigned to each PCard transaction. If you are unsure of the GL sweep date assigned to your transaction, go to the Line Item Detail and look at the sweep date. Return to the Main Page and choose the same sweep date, then click report.

Do I need to save receipts for all purchases I make on the PCard?

Harvard University requires all receipts to be retained for purchases of $75 and above. Please call the Financial Office with questions on this policy at 495-4607.

Am I required to send any paperwork and/or receipts to Accounts Payable?

No. Proof of purchase documentation must be retained locally for a minimum of four years for purchases of $75 and above. Please send all PCard receipts to the Financial Office. Failure to comply with this policy may result in the loss of your PCard privileges.

Will I ever receive a copy of the MasterCard bill?

JP Morgan Chase will send you a cardholder statement on a monthly basis that lists the charges you made for that billing period. This is not a bill and should not be paid. It is for your records and should be reviewed for accuracy.

Can I opt out of receiving paper statements?

Yes! For directions to stop receiving paper statements click here.

When I log on to the Settlement System, I get a "Log on failed" error message. What should I do?

Log on failures are usually the result of a mis-keyed login name or password. Make sure that you are entering the first 8 digits of your Harvard ID# in the University ID field and that you are entering your password correctly. Remember, passwords are case sensitive.

How long does it take for a transaction to be posted to the Settlement System after I have made a purchase?

It usually takes between 24 and 48 hours for transactions to be posted to the Settlement System. This timing is dependent on when the vendor submits the transaction to the bank, so it can take up to several days for a transaction to post. Also note that for ordered items, the company can not charge your card until the order is shipped. Therefore, if items are shipped separately, they may be posted separately.

Will all transactions show up on-line?

All purchases made with the PCard will be posted to the Settlement System.

I could not make a purchase because my charge was denied. Why?

Call JP Morgan Chase (1-800-270-7760) to find out the reason. Charges are denied most frequently because you have either exceeded your per transaction or monthly limits or you are attempting to purchase a restricted commodity, or you are using a vendor that is classified as a travel vendor.

Can I change my per transaction or per month limits?

Contact your Financial Office person.

How do I confirm that Accounts Payable has paid my PCard bill?

JP Morgan Chase will send you a monthly cardholder statement that will confirm that your PCard bill has been paid. This statement lists the charges that you have made for each billing period and should have a $0 balance.

Will I ever have to pay for PCard purchases myself and then wait for reimbursement?

No. Harvard University pays JP Morgan Chase on a monthly basis.

Will my personal credit rating ever be affected by the PCard?

No. Harvard University assumes complete liability for all purchases made with the PCard.

How does my authorized signer review my purchases?

PCard Reviewers within local schools and units have taken the place of the authorized signing process. Reviewers are responsible for ensuring that transaction coding is correct and that business purpose is documented when required.

The default coding for my PCard transaction is wrong and I am unable to change it. Why?

Contact your department's Financial Office person.

How do I update the transaction coding after the data has been swept into the General Ledger?

Changes to PCard transaction coding can only be made through a journal entry after the GL sweep date has passed. Contact your department's Financial Office contact person

How far back can I view transactions in the Settlement System?

There is no limit. All PCard transactions can be viewed in the Settlement System.

May I purchase from any vendor I wish?

Non-incorporated vendors and vendors that do not accept MasterCard are excluded from the PCard Program. Check the PCard Vendor File to see if your vendor takes the PCard.

May I use my PCard for travel related expenses?

You may not use your PCard for travel, or any travel related expenses. Please refer to the PCard manual for a complete list of restricted commodities.

My favorite vendor doesn't accept MasterCard. What should I do?

If a supplier does not accept MasterCard, provide the vendor name, address, phone number, and contact information to your PCard Administrator. MasterCard representatives will contact the vendor directly.

What should I do if the vendor name or transaction amounts do not match those in the Settlement System?

ive a copy of the MasterCard bill?

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