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RemoteClinics "Virtual Desktop" Information

The clinical environment is accessed from the RemoteClinics "Virtual Desktop". You will need your Clinical Account user id and password to log on to the RemoteClinics "Virtual Desktop" for access to your clinic’s application and data when working at the clinic or working outside of the clinic.

Key items to remember when working on the RemoteClinics "Virtual Desktop":

  • You must log into the RemoteClinics "Virtual Desktop" even if you are using a lab PC in the clinic.  On the lab PC, double click on the RemoteClinics desktop shortcut to login. 
  • In the user name field type HLS_CLINICAL\  before your user id, for example: HLS_CLINICAL\jharvard
  • Do not save your work or documents to the desktop.  Confidential case files and case related documents should not be left on the desktop where they could be viewed by anyone walking by. Therefore, any items saved on the desktop are deleted after you log off.

See the following documentation for assistance with configuring and using the RemoteClinics "Virtual Desktop".

Last modified: October 07, 2014

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