Faculty Network Services

 Wireless Connection & VPN

All areas of the HLS main campus have wireless coverage. Faculty members may use the HLS wireless network provided they have registered their laptop, and registration can be completed by contacting the Help Desk. Please note that faculty members cannot access the H:\ and S:\ drives with a wireless connection unless they connect with the VPN client software first. The VPN client provides a secure connection to the HLS physical network where the H:\ and S:\ drives reside. To login to VPN, faculty should enter his/her HUID@LAW and PIN password. For example, if your HUID is 12345678, you would enter 12345678@LAW.

Remote access is also available via Virtual Desktop.  More information about virtual desktop is available here.

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 Wired Network Access

All faculty offices are equipped with network data jacks that can be used to access the Law School Network and the Internet. The hard-wired network provides secure, high-speed access to the Law School’s network drives, network-printing services, internal web site (Intranet), and internet connectivity.

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 Network Storage

ITS provides all faculty members with two locations to store work-related files: a personal home drive and a shared drive.  Both drives are backed up daily at 1:00 AM, and each backup is retained for a six week period.

  1. H:\ (Home Drive)

All faculty are given an H:\ drive, also known as the home drive.  Your home drive provides you with a personal, secure location to store your work-related files.  Only the designated faculty member has access to his or her H:\ drive.

Click here for instructions on how to manually map your H: drive on a Macintosh computer or on your home PC.

  1. S:\ (Shared Drive)

All faculty are also provided an S:\ drive (known as the shared drive).  Your shared drive is a secured network location where you and your assistant can share files. Only the faculty member and designated faculty assistant have access to their respective shared drive.

Click here for instructions on how to manually map your S: drive on a Macintosh computer or on your home PC.

  1. M:\ (Secure Drive)

All faculty are also provided an M:\ drive (known as the secure drive).  The “M:” drive is used to share high-risk information between departments at Harvard Law School because the sharing of sensitive data, such as HUIDs and Social Security numbers, via email is not secure.  In order to comply with the Massachusetts data privacy law, such high-risk information should be stored and shared on HLS’s secured network.

Click here for instructions on how to use the M: drive.

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 Laptop Backups

Harvard Law School provides a backup utility called Connected for faculty laptop users.  This utility allows for the backup and restoration of data files from any location with an internet connection.  Once installed, the backup process runs on an automated schedule and requires no interaction on the part of the faculty member.  For in-office desktop systems all faculty should use the two network storage locations listed above. Connected should not be used for personal data such as music and photos.

ITS is happy to provide each faculty member with one free copy of Connected. If you would like Connected installed on your computer, please contact the Faculty Technology Support line. Connected is only available for the PC, but a Macintosh client is coming soon.

Click here for more information about the Connected backup solution .

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Last modified: July 29, 2014

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