HLS Lost/Stolen Device Standard Operating Procedure

Version: 1.1



The purpose of this document is to educate and guide HLS community members through the process and associated contacts for reporting a lost or stolen laptop.



1. Inform your manager that the laptop is lost or stolen.

2. Call the HLS Helpdesk at X 50722 to declare that a Harvard owned device has been misplaced, lost or stolen. 

2.1. A brief description of how the device has been lost or stolen should also be explained so that security remediation procedures can be initiated.

3. Email security@law.harvard.edu with the same information as requested in Step 2 above.

4. If theft occurred on campus, notify Harvard University Police: 617-495-1212 or 617-495-1215.

5. If theft occurred off campus, file a police report with the local police where the theft occurred.  Note: you will need a copy of the police report to file an insurance claim.

6. Report the loss to Harvard University Insurance Department (617-495-8668), and include the police report with claim.

7. A member of HLS ITS will discuss with you the contents of your laptop.  The definition of High Risk Confidential Information is listed below.

High Risk Confidential Information:

High-Risk Confidential Information includes a person's name in conjunction with the person's Social Security, credit or debit card, individual financial account, driver's license, state ID, or passport number, or a name in conjunction with biometric information about the named individual. High-risk confidential information also includes human subject information and personally identifiable medical information.

Last modified: July 03, 2012

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