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Please note: The listing of a software application on this page should not be construed as an agreement for support. Please see the faculty and staff ITS supported software pages for lists of supported software.

  • HLS-Licensed Software - HLS-licensed means that the software has been paid for by HLS for use by current HLS faculty, staff, and (in some cases) students. All of these programs are protected by copyright and license agreements. Do NOT distribute HLS-licensed software to persons outside HLS or who do not have current HLS affiliations. Before you leave the Law School, you must remove all HLS-licensed software that you have installed on your personally owned computer(s).
  • Freely-Available Software - Freely-available software is any software application that can be downloaded and installed by anyone (subject to any licensing restrictions specified by the publisher).

HLS-Licensed Software

HLS Laptop Print Client

The LPTOne client for Windows allows HLS Windows users to access public printing services; this will allow laptop users to direct print jobs to any of the dedicated public printers around the Law School.

To download the LPTOne client for Windows, click here

Instructions for installing and using the client can be found here.

Documentation about the costs and use of printing services at HLS can be found here.

VPN Client Software

Pre-installed on HLS-owned computers.

Note: VPN software is also available to students. 

VPN is software for establishing secure connections to HLS network services.

Remote access is also available via Virtual Desktop.  More information about virtual desktop is available here.

Microsoft Endpoint & Defender Antivirus

Pre-installed on HLS-owned computers

Students are welcome to a free version of Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows) or Microsoft Endpoint (Mac). Faculty and staff will have Microsoft Endpoint already pre-installed on their HLS-owned computer.


 Used by HLS ITS to work on your machine remotely

Download TeamViewer

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Freely-Available Software

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Pre-installed on HLS-owned computers.

Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is also available to students. A link to download the program is located below.

Acrobat Reader is a free program designed only to view PDF files; Acrobat allows you to create and edit PDF files. Other programs, such as Word and WordPerfect, can also save documents as PDF files.

FileZilla FTP Client (replaces SSH Secure Shell)

Note: FileZilla is also available to students. A link to download the program is located below.

FileZilla is an FTP client, which allows one to connect to an FTP server. More specifically, authorized users can use it to connect to and modify the HLS website.

Internet Explorer

Pre-installed on HLS-owned computers.

Internet Explorer (IE) is Microsoft's internet browser, used for viewing and interacting with sites on the Web. Please note that ITS recommends using IE 8. We cannot guarantee that other HLS products are yet compatible with IE 9.

Microsoft Windows Media Player

Pre-installed on HLS-owned computers.

Windows Media Player is an integrated digital media player that plays movie and music files. Windows Media Player 11 can also display photos. You can also link to fee-based online music stores to download movies and music.

Windows Media Player can also copy (burn) information to and from CDs.


Pre-installed on HLS-owned computers.

Note: QuickTime is also available to students. A link to download the program is located below.

Quick Time version 7 uses the latest streaming technology to access instant content on the Web. This viewer plays clips in almost every movie format, and is the only player that will work with some exclusive Apple formats (*.mov).

HLS cannot legally distribute the QuickTime installer.

RealPlayer 11

Pre-installed on HLS-owned computers.

Note: RealPlayer 10 is also available to students. A link to download the program is located below.

Use RealPlayer 10 (basic player is free) to play RealAudio and RealVideo files as well as streaming audio and video. You can purchase RealPlayer 10 SuperPass for enhanced features.

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