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2.1 Obtaining Harvard Confidential Information

Harvard Enterprise Security Policy:

Policy Excerpt
The University Helpdesk must be contacted to obtain access to the core databases containing confidential information about individuals. In addition, anyone working with or collecting similar information about individuals, even if they do not obtain this information from the Central Administration IT organization, must also contact the Helpdesk to discuss data policy and handling requirements before beginning application development.

Only the confidential information reasonably necessary to accomplish a legitimate business purpose should be obtained and the time that such information is retained should be limited to that reasonably necessary to accomplish such purpose.

HLS Policy:

HLS ITS is the single point of contact for all requests for directory information from Central Administration IT. In most cases ITS can provided needed data from existing HLS directories.

HLS ITS must be contacted if an organization or individual wishes to collect similar information.

In all cases confidential information should be kept only as long as needed and no longer.

Approved Solution:

Contact the HLS Staff Help Desk to submit a formal request.

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