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9.2 Reporting Security Breaches

Harvard Enterprise Security Policy:

Policy Excerpt
Known or suspected breaches in the security of Harvard Confidential Information must be immediately reported to the Harvard University Office of General Counsel.

HLS Policy:

HLS has an incident response team and process for reporting breaches such as lost flash drives and laptops to central Harvard. In most cases the business owner of a system will be contacted by HLS ITS personnel regarding a breach. In the case of any breach of HRCI at HLS ITS will serve as a single point of contact to the University Office of the General Counsel.

Under no circumstances should any Harvard Law School employee discuss or disclose a breach with a Non-HLS employee or media representative without prior approval of the Office of the General Counsel and the HLS office of Communications.

If served with a warrant by a law enforcement officer please refer to Section 9.3 of this policy.

Approved Solution:

Contact the help desk by both email HLSHELP( and calling them at 5-0722. On the email please CC: Security( if you have reason to believe that High Risk Confidential Information has been lost or stolen.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I lost my laptop / Thumb Drive / CD with data on it – Do I need to contact Security(
A: Yes, regardless of the way in which it vanished, be it lost or stolen, it MUST be reported.

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