Unrestricted Budget Department List

If you are unsure whether your department falls into the unrestricted or restricted budget category, the basic rule of thumb is to look at the six digit fund section of your department's bill code.  If the fund is "000001" then your department falls under the unrestricted budget category.  If the fund is anything else, it is restricted.

The following is a list of unrestricted budget departments at HLS:

Administrative Dean's Office

Alumni Affairs

Board of Student Advisors

Child Advocacy Project 


Dean of Students Office

Dean’s Office



Faculty Support


First Year Legal Research and Writing 

Graduate Program

Human Resources

Information Technology Services

JD Admissions

Major Capital Projects

Office of Academic Affairs 

Office of Career Services

Office of Public Interest Advising 

Registrar's Office

Restaurant Associates

Student Financial Services

Student Journals


**The Library purchases it's own equipment

**Some departments listed above may have both unrestricted and restricted budgets

Last modified: September 10, 2009

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