E-mail for Life FAQ


  Q:  What is E-mail for Life (Google Apps)?

A:  This e-mail account will make it easier for you to stay connected to your classmates and everyone else in the HLS community.  It will also act as your user-name for HLS web resources.  This is available to graduating JD, LLM, and SJD students only.

  Q:  What is the difference between my E-mail for Life account (Google Apps) and my Post.Harvard.Edu account?

A: Your E-mail for Life Account is a fully functional e-mail account.  Post.harvard.edu is a forward only account.

The Harvard University Alumni Association provides every Harvard alumnus with a Post account, if desired.  Your post.harvard.edu account is used as a user ID to log onto general Harvard Alumni websites. For information regarding post.harvard.edu please go to:  https://post.harvard.edu/olc/pub/HAA/register/register.cgi

Harvard Law School provides you with an E-mail for Life account which includes your law school degree type and graduation year. Your E-mail for Life account is used for HLS specific webpage logins as well as an e-mail address for your cohorts to easily contact you.

  Q:  What happens to my account after graduation?

A:  When you graduate your E-mail for Life account changes to Alumni status.  Once this happens you will only have access to HLS resources available to HLS Alumni.           

  Q:  Can I change my E-mail for Life address after I graduate?

A:  When you graduate your E-mail for Life account changes to Alumni status and the e-mail address cannot be changed.

Last modified: April 30, 2014

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