Web Services

Getting Started

To edit an HLS web site, students will need to have an SFTP account created for his/her specific web site. To have ITS create an SFTP account, please complete the Student Organization SFTP Access Request form . Once your account has been created and you receive an email confirmation from ITS, please visit the SFTP Configuration Instructions page for directions on how to configure either SSH Secure Shell, Dreamweaver, or Fetch. If you have questions about configuring an SFTP client, or if you have questions about posting information to your HLS site, please contact the Student Help Desk.

ITS also requests that all faculty read the Law School's web publishing policies.

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Web Features and Services


Whether you're planning a new web site or reworking an old one, planning is the most important aspect of web publishing and we can help you set out on the right path. Even if you're outsourcing your web development, we can help you avoid common mistakes or review job specs and developer resumes. If you are considering hiring a third party vendor to create your web site, please let ITS know. We can then coordinate a meeting with this vendor to ensure their site, specifications, and design are compatible with other HLS web services.

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News Feeds (RSS) and Aggregators

ITS provides tools for both publishing and aggregating RSS news feeds. If your department or student organization would like to create a news feed, please contact the Student Help Desk. We will create your news feed and then provide you with instructions on how to apply your specific news feed to your site.

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Mailing Lists Subscriptions

Many times student organizations would like the ability to have a link that would add people to a mailing list. For instructions on how to add this link, please see instructions for adding a mailing list link.

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Forms (creating forms for your web site)

ITS is more than happy to help find the right form solution for your web site. If you would like a form on your web site, please contact ITS so that we can identify your needs and understand what the form will be used for and who your audience is.

There are three different form solutions and asking the right questions will help us identify what form is best for you. The first form solution is to use a Harvard-specific online application called the Polling Tool. This will create an online form that can be used for surveys, quizzes, and evaluations. The next solution is to create a form within MyHLS. MyHLS is a great solution for student organizations who wish to create a form for a specific class. The final solution is to create an autoform. Autoform is a tool provided by HLS to automate the process of authoring HTML forms and require a slightly deeper understanding of HTML. If you have questions about any of these three form tools, please contact the Student Help Desk.

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Blog creation and hosted is provided free by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School. For more information about these blogs, please visit http://blogs.law.harvard.edu.

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Discussion Boards

ITS offers our community two discussion board solutions. The first solution is to create a discussion board within MyHLS. This is also ideal for student organizations who want to keep their discussions private within their group. The other solution is to create a discussion board using MyHLS hosted by ITS. This is an open source program that is ideal for discussion board creation and maintenance. If you would like to create a discussion board within either MyHLS or PHPpp, please contact the Student Help Desk. ITS will be happy to walk you through the process of creating your discussion board with either discussion board tool.

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Harvard University Accessibility Requirements

ITS requests that you comply with the University's primary accessibility requirements.

Each web page in your site must have:

  • Either a link back to the HLS Home Page or a link back to your site home page (if the site home page has an HLS Home Page link).
  • A contact e-mail address
  • The file's last modification time
  • Copyright information ("Copyright ¬© [year] The President and Fellows of Harvard College.")

This applies to each included page in framed content.

Web pages may not have:

  • Commercial advertisements
  • Web developer branding
  • Any links suggesting endorsement by the Law School

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Instructions for creating and publishing autoforms can be found here.

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Last modified: April 29, 2015

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