What Resources Does Your Account Access?

This web page will help you find information regarding the three main electronic accounts you need to operate at HLS: your Me Account (also known as your LDAP account), your HLS Active Directory account, and your HUID/PIN account. Each account grants you access to different resources. Information to help you change and/or reset each account's password is provided.  And, if the resource is a web based system, click on the hyper-link found in the Description column to the right of the named resource.

Resources your me.law.harvard.edu account accesses:

To claim your HLS Me account (also known as your LDAP Account), please go to http://me.law.harvard.edu/claimcode

To change your HLS Me account password, please go to http://me.law.harvard.edu

If you forgot your HLS Me Account password, please contact the help desk.

Internal WebsitesPassword-protected websites available to HLS community only
HeliosCourse Enrollment Information
LPTOne: PrintingProvides Access to Printers in Library, Labs, and Public Spaces
Other Student Financial Services Web Forms Provides access to Student Financial Services
MyroomsEvent Management - Room Scheduling System

Resources your HUID and Harvard issued PIN accesses:

To change the password for any of the accounts listed in the table below, please click on this link to the Pin System.

MyHLS / iCommonsWeb-based Course Management System
CNR Network RegistrationNetwork Registration Website
Term Bill SiteOnline Resource for Checking Billing Information

Other account accesses:

My HLS Financial Aidemail addressStudent Financial Services issued PIN
  VPNUSERNAME.jdXX@law or USERNAME.llmXX@lawHLS Account Password

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