A comprehensive listing of all departments and their contact information is presented below.

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Department/OfficeContact Info
Academic Affairs, Office
Admissions, Graduate Program617-496-8214
617-496-9179 (fax)
Admissions, J.D. Program617-495-3109
Alumni Center617-495-3051
Berkman Center for Internet and Society617-495-7547
617-495-7641 (fax)
Bernard Koteen Office of Public Interest Advising617-495-3108
617-496-4944 (fax)
Board of Student Advisors617-495-4535
Career Services617-495-3119
617-496-8164 (fax)
Case Development and Distribution617-495-5527
617-495-1082 (fax)
Case Studies Program617-495-8689
617-496-4409 (fax)
Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race & Justice617-495-8285
617-496-1406 (fax)
Child Advocacy Program617-496-1684
617-495-8442 (fax)
Clinical & Pro Bono Programs617-495-5202
617-496-2636 (fax)
Communications Office617-495-3118
617-495-3501 (fax)
Criminal Justice Institute617-496-8143
617-496-2277 (fax)
Dean for Administration617-495-4641
617-495-4600 (fax)
Dean of Students' Office617-495-1880
617-496-0544 (fax)
Dean's Office617-495-4601
East Asian Legal Studies
Environmental Law
Event Scheduling and Support617-495-3129
617-496-2869 (fax)
Executive Education617-496-4487
617-496-4255 (fax)
Facilities Management617-495-5521
617-496-3838 (fax)
Financial Office617-495-4607
617-495-4422 (fax)
First-Year Legal Research and Writing Program617-496-8455
617-495-5125 (fax)
Graduate Program617-496-8214
617-496-9179 (fax)
Harvard Law Review617-495-4650
617-495-2748 (fax)
Harvard Law School Association617-495-4698
617-496-4572 (fax)
Harvard Law School Project on
Harvard Negotiation Institute (formerly Program of Instruction for Lawyers)617-496-2869 (fax)
617-496-0544 (fax)
Human Resources617-495-4611
617-495-7800 (fax)
Human Rights Program617-495-9362
617-495-9393 (fax)
Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program617-495-5912
617-495-9393 (fax)
Information Technology Services617-495-0722
Institute for Global Law and Policy (formerly the European Law Research Center)617-495-3145
International Tax Program617-495-4406
617-496-4880 (fax)
International Legal Studies617-384-5284 (tel)
617-496-9179 (fax)
Islamic Legal Studies
John M. Olin Center for Law, Economics, and Business617-496-2047
Labor and Worklife Program617-495-9265
617-496-7359 (fax)
Media Services617-495-4840
617-496-6645 (fax)
Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology and Bioethics617-496-3268
Program on Corporate Governance 
Program on International Financial Systems617-495-9885
617-496-5251 (fax)
Program on Negotiation617-495-1684
617-495-7818 (fax)
Program on the Legal Profession617-496-6232
Project on Law and Mind Sciences617-495-4863
617-496-5156 (fax)
Registrar's Office617-495-4612
617-496-8907 (fax)
Special Fellowship Programs 
Student Financial Services, J.D. Program617-495-4606
617-496-5453 (fax)
Tax Law Program 
The WilmerHale Legal Services Center617-522-3003
617-522-0715 (fax)
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