Academic Calendar: 2009-10

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August 17 and 18, 2009Graduate Program - New Student Check-in (LL.M. and S.J.D.)
August 19, 2009LL.M. Student Orientation Begins
August 20, 2009Students Participating in Early Interview Program Return to Campus
August 21, 2009Early Interview Preparation Program (1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.)
August 24 - 28, 2009Early Interview Program
August 28 - 31, 20091L Orientation
September 1, 20091L Fall Term Classes Begin
September 1-9, 2009Upper-level  Waitlist Processing and Add/drop
September 2, 2009Upper-level Fall Term Classes Begin; All Students Meet Monday Class Schedule
September 4, 2009Add/drop Ends for Fall Clinical Courses
September 7, 2009Labor Day - Holiday for All Students
September 9, 2009Add/drop Ends for Fall Courses
September 14-18, 2009Fly-out Week (No Upper-level Classes; 1L Classes Will Be Held)
September 29-October 16, 2009Fall Interview Program
October 12, 2009Columbus Day – Holiday for All Students
October 13, 2009No 1L Classes; Upper-level Classes Meet
October 20-23, 2009Clinical Winter/Spring Course Registration
October 28-30, 20092L/3L Winter Course Registration
November 3-6, 20092L/3L Spring Course Registration
November 6, 2009J.D. Winter Writing Program Deadline
November 11, 2009Veterans Day – No 1L Classes; Upper-level Classes Meet
November 10-13, 20091L Spring International/Comparative Course Registration
November 17-20, 20091L Spring Elective Course Registration
November 25, 2009No 1L Classes; Upper-level Classes Meet
November 26-27, 2009Thanksgiving Break
December 1-4, 2009 Waitlist Processing for Upper-level Courses, 1L International/Comparative Courses, and 1L Elective Courses
December 1, 2009 (Tuesday)1L Students Meet Wednesday Class Schedule, Upper-level Classes meet Tuesday Schedule
December 2, 20091L Fall Term Classes End
December 4, 2009Add/drop Ends for Winter Clinical Courses
December 7, 2009Upper-level Fall Term Classes End
December 9-18, 20091L Fall Term Exam Period
December 10-18, 2009Upper-level Fall Term Exam Period
December 21, 2009-January 1, 2010Holiday Break for All Students
January 4, 2010Winter Term Classes Begin (All students, including 1Ls)
January 4-5, 2010Upper-level  Waitlist Processing and Add/drop. Add/drop Ends for Winter Courses.
January 15, 2010Add/drop Ends for Spring Clinical Courses
January 18, 2010Martin Luther King Day – Holiday for All Students
January 21, 2010Winter Term Classes End
January 22, 2010Reading Period Winter Term
January 23, 2010 (Saturday)Winter Term Exams 
January 25, 2010Fall Term Expected Grade Release after 7:00 p.m.
January 25, 2010Spring Term Classes Begin
January 25-29, 2010Upper-level  Waitlist Processing and Add/drop.
February 15, 2010Presidents Day – Classes for All Students
February 16, 2010Winter Term Expected Grade Release after 7:00 p.m.
March 15-19, 2010Spring Break
April 23, 2010Spring Term Classes End for All Students
April 27-May 5, 2010Upper-level Spring courses Exam Period
May 7-12, 20101L Required Courses Spring Exam Period
May 26, 2010Class Day
May 27, 2010Commencement Day


NOTE: This calendar conforms to the requirements of the new University-wide calendar

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