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The Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs (OCP) is an academic, student services, and administrative office which oversees the clinical education and pro bono activities at HLS.  OCP advises students; provides leadership and resources for HLS faculty and staff in the clinics and SPOs; promotes best practices; manages curriculum planning and student registration; and facilitates communications with other law school departments, the clinical community, and the public.

How We Can Help

Schedule an appointment

The Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs provides advising and support on a number of topics. Our team of lawyers and educators is eager to meet with you! Just set up an advising appointment using our online system.

Drop-in appointments

We have drop-in hours every Friday from 1-3pm but please feel free to stop by any time. If the staff member you would like to meet with is not available, we can assist you in setting up an appointment.

Advising topics include:
  • Academic policy questions
  • Clinic and course selection for in-house clinics, externship clinics, and independent clinical projects
  • Clinical registration through HELIOS, by application clinics, and continuing clinical applications
  • Clinical teaching
  • General academic and practice experience advising
  • Law firm pro bono
  • Pro bono requirement and projects
  • Spring break pro bono trips
  • Student practice organizations

Preparing for an Advising Appointment

  1. Review our website.
  2. Review opportunities and evaluations in Helios.
  3. Update your clinical and public service interests in Helios.
  4. Bring your resume, if applicable.

For Clinical Registration Advising Appointments

To get the most out of your advising appointment, you may want to go through the following checklist beforehand. You can also download the clinical registration checklist

  1. Which clinic are you interested in?
    Are you interested in learning particular skills (e.g. litigation, transactional, etc.)?
    Is there a specific area of the law you wish to learn about (e.g. human rights, criminal defense, etc.)?
  2. Is this clinic by application or can you register through HELIOS preferencing?
    If by application, when is the deadline to submit applications by?
  3. Where is the clinic located? (On-campus / Jamaica Plain / Externship) 
  4. Does this clinic have any pre-requisites?
    Have you completed them?
  5. What is/are the required course component(s)?
    Are the clinic and course component bundled, reserved, or separate?
    How many clinical credits can you enroll in this clinic for?
  6. How many clinical credits have you taken previously?
  7. What is the clinical add/drop deadline?
    Does the clinic have an early add/drop deadline?
Contact Us
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you soon!
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