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How to Get Involved

We welcome your interest in having Harvard Law students work on a clinical or pro bono basis at your law firm or organization. We are always looking for new opportunities for our students to gain practical legal experience. If you are getting in touch with us for the first time, please complete the New Organization Form and submit it to our office. We'll work with you to find the most suitable arrangement that meets your needs and complies with law school and ABA guidelines for students. 

If you are a potential client looking for someone to help you with your own legal issues, you are not eligible to directly hire or work with students, as students are not licensed to practice law unless under the supervision of an attorney. Please see our Legal Help page for information about obtaining legal services.  

The role of the supervising attorney is invaluable in the educational experience of our students, and for that reason, we have certain requirements:

  • Students must be supervised by a licensed attorney. The attorney should hold an initial meeting to explain expectations, set goals for the student's work, meet regularly with the student, give regular feedback, and submit written evaluations to us.
  • The student's work must be law-related and involve the application or interpretation of law, formulation of legal policy, or drafting of legislation or regulations. Students should not do clerical or fundraising work. Eligible tasks include: assisting an attorney at a trial, client and witness interviewing and investigation, drafting documents, assisting pro se litigants in court, community legal education, research and writing, or policy analysis.
  • Students cannot receive monetary compensation for their work (except in conjunction with the HLS Summer Public Interest Funding program.)

Be aware that students are in exams in beginning in mid-April and in December. Please keep the the clinical calendar in mind when working with students.

Last modified: October 23, 2014

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