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March 31, 2004 - Jeanne Charn's testimony before Congress is available here. Statement | Supplemental written testimony for House of Representatives

Seminars Overview

The Bellow-Sacks Project will address issues regarding access to civil legal services by hosting seminars -- working sessions that will bring together experts and innovators to:

  • summarize the most accurate and recent data and information available on present efforts
  • identify best practices
  • assess the potential to replicate best practices
  • identify constraints on implementing best practices, including ethical requirements and institutional barriers
  • realistically estimate the type and magnitude of resources required for implementation
  • identify the demographics of clients who would most likely benefit from best practices

The aim is not to achieve broad representation at the seminars, but to convene from the large pool of talent a small group of knowledgeable, experienced and imaginative thinkers and actors prepared to roll up their sleeves and work hard and collaboratively for a day or two on a particular topic. In addition to Bellow-Sacks Project staff, several thinkers and actors will provide continuity by participating in most seminars.

Every seminar will have a reporter who will produce a white paper by consolidating the seminar's ideas and discussions; and existing reports, publications and communication with experts. White papers will be disseminated on this webpage.


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