Conferences and Events

The Criminal Justice Institute sponsors events and national conferences in order to fulfill our mission in part, which is to “…present issues and debates about the criminal and juvenile justice systems in order to effect local and national reform." Below you shall find a chronology of the conferences and events that have been presented.


Past Conferences

March - April 2006

Re-Thinking Re-Entry: Confronting Perpertual Punishment

December 2000

Race, Police and the Community

November 2000

The Day Care Child Sex Abuse Phenomenon: Prosecution, Persecution and the Culture of Accusation

December 1999

U.S. Immigration at the Millennium: With Liberty and Justice for All? (Co-sponsored with Harvard Law School's Immigration Refugee Clinic and Boston College Law School's Immigration and Asylum Project)

November 1995

Police, Lawyers, and Truth: A Symposium

December 1994

Struggling for a Future: Youth Violence, Youth Justice (Co-sponsored with Boston College Law School)

December 1993

Locked Up and Locked Out: Women in Prison
(Co-sponsored with Prison Legal Assistance Project)

January 1993

The Future of Habeas Corpus

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