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The Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) serves primarily as a curriculum-based clinical program for Harvard Law School students seeking to gain hands-on training in criminal defense lawyering. The legal team, led by Professor Ronald S. Sullivan Jr., is comprised of a talented and accomplished group of criminal defense attorneys who serve as clinical instructors.  

In addition to the licensed attorneys, students enrolled in Criminal Justice Institute: Defense Theory and Practice provide legal representation as student attorneys under Supreme Judicial Court Rule 3:03.   Student attorneys are supervised by the CJI legal team.

CJI represents indigent clients as appointed by the Boston Municipal Court, Roxbury Division (adult) and Dorchester Division (juvenile).   Our legal practice handles criminal charges ranging from misdemeanors to most felonies, and legal representation is provided from arrest to disposition.   We also handle collateral matters, including school disciplinary proceedings and CORI sealing.


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