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Chris Pierce

Chris Pierce is the Licensed Clinical Social Worker at the Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) and has served in this capacity since 2001.   With over 13 years of experience providing direct clinical care, supervision and advocacy, Mr. Pierce enhances the work of CJI’s legal defense team by providing clinical assessments of clients and mitigation services in court proceedings.   He also provides referrals for a variety of social and vocational services.   Mr. Pierce educates student attorneys about the concerns of the interface between clients’ involvement with the criminal justice system, mental health and social systems.   An integral part of CJI’s legal defense work, Mr. Pierce has developed a special focus on providing consultation and skill building for clients who are preparing for parole hearings and for reintegration into the community.   He is currently working in conjunction with the CJI attorneys to develop a research project concerning the impact of incarceration on families and the community.

Mr. Pierce has more than 10 years of outpatient experience, having served as a clinician in both private practice and within a health maintenance organization model, at a community–based clinic and with programs for families and adolescents.   He has extensive experience treating victims of trauma.   Mr. Pierce currently treats children, adolescents and adults in his private therapy practice.   He uses Narrative, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Solution Focused, Behavioral, Educational, and Psychodynamic theories to provide individual, couples, group, and family therapy for a variety of clinical issues including depression, trauma, loss, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), bipolar disorder and adjustment disorders.   Additionally, he leads a group for adolescents diagnosed with major mental illness and has co-led treatment groups for developmentally delayed adult males and for latency age boys with a history of trauma.  

Regarded for the wealth and depth of his experience, Mr. Pierce has rendered service for Department of Social Services, for schools systems and for judicial courts.   He has also worked in an inpatient setting on an open adult psychiatric unit where he co-led a daily psychotherapy group; conducted psychosocial assessments and developed treatment and discharge planning; and led the unit’s orientation and discharge groups.

A graduate of Simmons College with a Masters in Social Work (Boston, MA), Mr. Pierce also completed two years of post-graduate family therapy training at the Family Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts.   

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