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For some years now I have been an admirer from afar of the excellent work you [Prof. Ogletree] and your colleagues at the Criminal Justice Institute have been doing in our community.   What I see going on there inspires me, and gives me some measure of hope that it may yet remain possible to respond in both an intellectually rigorous and a humane way to the tragedy of mass incarceration that is overwhelming impoverished communities of color in this Commonwealth and beyond.   I think it is also vital that an institution devoted mainly to the induction of elite cadres of brilliant minds into the ranks of the nation’s rich and powerful maintains a place where at least some of your students can come into contact with the cold realities of the administration of justice on the streets of America’s cities.   Under your [Prof. Ogletree] leadership of the Criminal Justice Institute at the Harvard Law School, you, your colleagues, and those students who have chosen to affiliate themselves with your work have done just this.


…I am pleased to enclose a contribution…and [I] wish you continued success in your endeavors.


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