Frequently Asked Questions for Community Members

Can I apply for mediation training?

If you’re a community member who can commute to metropolitan Boston every other week to mediate then you are eligible to apply for training.

 Why do I have to commute to metropolitan Boston?

Once applicants are accepted for training, each new trainee is required to attend 32 hours of basic mediation training and be available to mediate every other week in a small claims session in a local court in metropolitan Boston. New trainees are expected to mediate once every other week for the equivalent of two semesters. (Community members may have the opportunity to mediate during a “summer” semester.)

I don’t live in the Boston metropolitan area and I’m looking for other opportunities to learn mediation at Harvard Law School. Are there any?

Yes! The Program on Negotiation (PON) offers workshops in mediation and negotiation through their Harvard Negotiation Institute. These workshops are offered in September and June. PON also offers weekly semester-long seminars on mediation and negotiation. 

Am I guaranteed an interview if I apply?

While HMP Recruiting Directors make every effort to interview each applicant, it’s not always possible to interview every applicant given HMP’s limited timetable for interviewing candidates.

How many applicants does HMP accept into a training class?

Typically 24 applicants are accepted per training class. On average, four to six community members are accepted per class.

Can I re-apply for training if I’m not accepted?


Where else can I get hands-on mediation training?

Fortunately for those wishing to learn mediation skills, programs abound throughout the country. The Association for Conflict Resolution, and the National Association for Community Mediation may help you locate a training program in your area.

Last modified: September 04, 2013

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