Amanda L. Kool

Clinical Fellow

Prior to becoming a TLC Attorney and Clinical Fellow, Amanda worked as a corporate and finance associate attorney at Nixon Peabody LLP in Boston.  

During law school, Amanda completed internships with Judge Susan J. Dlott, Chief United States District Judge in the Southern District of Ohio, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, Resource Conflict Institute in Nakuru, Kenya, and Nixon Peabody LLP.   Following law school, Amanda spent a year as a pro bono attorney with Conservation Law Foundation.

Amanda is an active member of the American Bar Association and is the author of Halting Pig in the Parlor Patents: Nuisance Law as a Tool to Redress Crop Contamination, 50 Jurimetrics J. 453-507 (2010), and Using Cross-Practice Collaboration to Meet the Evolving Needs of Local Food Entrepreneurs, Natural Resources & Environment, Vol. 28, Number 2, Fall 2013.

She is a graduate of University of Kentucky and Northeastern University School of Law.  

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