New Client Information Form

Bring this information to your first meeting with RAP. You can print this out and write on it, if you wish.

  • What is your name? What are the names of the other members of your group?
  • What is the name(s) of the opposing party or organization?
  • What is your address?
  • What is your telephone number so that we can reach you?
  • Why do you need legal assistance?
  • How would you like us to help you?
  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • What kind of music do you perform?
  • Who writes it?
  • Who produces it?
  • Where do you record it?
  • Who performs in the group?
  • Where do you perform?
  • Do you play instruments or sample music or both?
  • How much material do you have?
  • Have you had anything released or been on a label before? What and when?
  • How do you finance your projects?
  • Have you ever copyrighted or trademarked anything? What, where and when?
  • How long has the group been together?
  • Do you, or any member of the group, have any agreements with anyone?
  • Do you have a manager, publisher, producer or production company?
  • If so, who?

Last modified: August 13, 2010

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