Cross-Registration Calendar

2014-2015 Harvard Cross-Registration Calendar

This calendar applies to all students cross-registering. 

SemesterHLS classes startDrop deadlineCross-Registration (Add) DeadlineHLS classes endHLS exam period
Fall 2014September 8September 12September 12December 5December 10-19
Winter 2015 January 5January 6January 6January 21January 23
Spring 2015January 26January 30January 30April 24April 28 - May 14

Please note that Harvard Business School cross-registration dates are earlier than those for the other schools.  They can be found here.


2014-2015 Outside Institution Cross-Registration Calendars

(These calendars apply to HLS students taking courses at other approved schools.)

Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University

SemesterClasses startDrop / Add deadlineClasses end
Fall 2014September 3September 12December 9
Spring 2015January 13January 23April 27

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

SemesterClasses startDrop / Add deadlineClasses end
Fall 2014September 3October 3December 10
Spring 2015February 3March 6May 14



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