2014-2015 By-Permission Courses

Law and NeuroscienceGertner, NancySpring1/26/2015
Custom and Legal Authority: Advanced Topics in Jewish Law and LegalFeldman, NoahSpringNo Deadline
Global Anticorruption LabStephenson, MatthewSpringNo Deadline
Policing and Minority GroupsHeymann, Philip & Ogletree, CharlesSpringNo Deadline
Deadlines which have expired   
Rhetoric and Public DiscourseZittrain, JonathanSpring11/10/2014
Law and Philosophy ColloquiumGoldberg, John C.P.Spring11/14/2014
Behavioral Economics, Law and Public PolicySunstein, Cass R.Spring10/31/2014
Inside Government: Making Public PolicySunstein, Cass R.Spring10/31/2014
Valuing and Modeling M&A and LBOsBosiljevac, VladimirSpring10/31/2014
Selected Constitutional TopicsTribe, LaurenceSpring10/31/2014 by 3pm
Selected Topics in National Security LawGoldsmith, JackSpring10/31/2014
The Internet: Governance and PowerGoldsmith, JackSpring10/31/2014
Supreme Court Litigation ClinicRussell, Kevin K.Winter10/20/2014
Supreme Court LitigationRussell, Kevin K.Winter10/20/2014
Becoming a Law ProfessorTobin, SusannahSpring10/15/2014
Digital Islamic Law Lab: Online Analysis of Contemporary Islamic Legislation and InterpretationRabb, IntisarSpring10/10/2014
Sports Law ClinicCarfagna, Peter A.Spring10/13/2014 by 5pm
Green New YorkFrug, GeraldSpring9/3/2014
Sports Law ClinicCarfagna, Peter AWinter10/13/2014 by 5pm
Environmental Law and Policy ClinicJacobs, Wendy B.Winter10/31/2014
Lawyer as Facilitator WorkshopBordone, Robert C.Fall4/4/2014
The Supreme Court 2005-2015Kavanaugh, Brett M.Fall6/20/2014
Private Law WorkshopSmith, Henry E.FallRolling, with recommended deadline of 7/25/14
The Supreme Court's 2013 TermKagan, ElenaFall7/25/2014
China and the WorldAlford, William PhilipFall7/30/2014
Public Problems: Advice, Strategy and AnalysisBarron, David J.Fall8/21/2014
National Security LawBaker, James A.Fall8/25/2014
An Introduction to Presidential DecisionmakingGray, DanielleFall8/25/2014
The Administrative State: Law and TheoryVermeule, AdrianFall9/1/2014
Government Lawyer: Semester in Washington Clinical SeminarWroblewski, Jonathan J.Spring8/15/2014
Government Lawyer: Semester in Washington ClinicWroblewski, Jonathan J.Spring8/15/2014
Government Lawyer: Semester in Washington ClinicWroblewski, Jonathan J.Winter-Spring8/15/2014
Custom and Legal Authority: Advanced Topics in Jewish Law and Legal TheoryFeldman, Noah R.Fall9/12/2014
Negotiation WorkshopMnookin, Robert H.Winter-Spring10/6/2014
My Journey: Tough Policy Decisions and the Rule of LawHarman, JaneFall9/19/2014
Fundamentals in Legal TheoryHalley, JanetFall9/30/2014
Global Anticorruption LabStephenson, MatthewFallTBD
Green New YorkFrug, GeraldFall Rolling
Human Rights in the UN Treaty BodiesNeuman, Gerald L.Fall-SpringTBD
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