Extreme Urbanism

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Spring 2013 Course
Meets: T, Th 2:00pm - 4:00pm in WCC Room 5047
2 classroom credits

This course has been canceled and will not be offered Spring 2013.

Rahul Mehrotra, the Chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design in Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, is leading a multi-year, multi-discipline studio on Mumbai. The studio will explore urban design, architecture, and ecology. Equally importantly, it will also focus on the social, cultural, and economic disparities that characterize Mumbai and its region. As anyone familiar with the city will attest, Mumbai is a prime example of “extreme urbanism” – the title that Professor Mehrotra has chosen for the studio. Professor Mehrotra is structuring the studio to include students not just from the Graduate School of Design but from the Harvard Business School, the Kennedy School, and the Harvard Law School. This, in short, will be a unique opportunity for students from all four schools to focus in an inter-disciplinary way on urban issues in a extremely complex and interesting city. The studio will be organized in the style of the Graduate School of Design, not the Law School. Students will participate in multidisciplinary teams, will focus on specific sites within the city, and will participate in a number of plenary meetings with all students and associated faculty. Professor Frug is the law school faculty member involved in this effort. Students interested in participating in the studio can seek admission to it by emailing Professor Frug – at frug@law.harvard.edu. Permission of the instructor will be required for admission. The number of law students will be very limited – of necessity, given the number of schools involved. A paper will be required of all participating law students. A course in local government law will be helpful to students participating in this studio, but it is not a prerequisite for admission.

Subject Areas: Government Structure & Function , Disciplinary Perspectives & Law , International, Comparative & Foreign Law .

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