Current Climenko Fellows



Dan Epps

Daniel Epps’s research focuses on criminal law and criminal procedure. Learn more



Joseph Fishman

Joseph Fishman’s scholarship focuses on the law and norms of intellectual property, with an emphasis on copyright.

Learn more. 


Seth Davis

Seth Davis's scholarship focuses upon the institutional design of administrative agencies and the role of federalism in the modern administrative state. Learn more.


Anne Fleming

Anne Fleming's research interests include American legal history and contract law, with a focus on the relationship between law and poverty. Learn more.


Erica Goldberg

Erica Goldberg’s primary research interests are in criminal procedure and constitutional law, with an emphasis on the First and Fourth Amendments and the interplay between substantive rights and methods of interpretation.  Learn more.


Maggie Gardner

Maggie Gardner's scholarship focuses on criminal law, international public law, and their intersection.   Learn more.


Sharon Jacobs

Sharon Jacobs's primary research interests are in energy law, environmental law, and administrative law, with an emphasis on unconventional regulatory strategies. Learn more.


 Michael Morley

Michael Morley’s scholarship focuses on civil procedure, remedies, and contract law, particularly the ways in which procedural doctrines impact people's substantive rights and the availability of various types of remedies in litigation.   Learn more.


Paul MacMahon

Paul MacMahon's main areas of scholarly interest are private law (especially contracts) and civil procedure. Learn more.


William Ortman

Will Ortman’s research interests center on administrative law and legislation. Learn more.


John Muller

John Muller’s primary research interests are in civil procedure and disability law. Learn more.



Matthew Wansley

Matthew Wansley researches risk regulation in administrative, tort, and criminal law--in particular, how to choose among and optimize those forms of regulation in response to technological change and capture.  Learn more. 


Seth Stoughton

Seth Stoughton's research focuses on the regulation of police, with particular attention to how criminal procedure, substantive criminal law, and the rules of evidence both define the police function and shape officer behavior. Learn more.




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