Current Climenko Fellows



Susannah Barton Tobin 

Susannah Tobin is Managing Director of the Climenko Fellowship Program and Assistant Dean for Academic Career Advising.

Susannah directs the First-Year Legal Research and Writing Program and teaches a section in the program. 

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Erica Goldberg

Erica Goldberg studies how the law identifies, conceptualizes and regulates harm. Learn more.



Monica Bell

Monica Bell uses empirical evidence to explore the influence of criminal justice on family life and points of intersection between criminal law, housing law, family law, and poverty-related social policy in the United States. 

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Ben Levin

Benjamin Levin’s primary research focuses on criminal law, with an emphasis on the criminal justice system’s interactions with civil legal institutions. Learn more.


Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon is primarily interested in administrative law and legislation, with a substantive focus on telecommunications and Internet regulation. Learn more.


Leah Litman

Leah Litman’s primary interests are in federal courts, federalism,
and the separation of powers. Learn more.


Dan Epps

Daniel Epps’s research focuses on criminal law and criminal procedure. 

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Maggie McKinley

Maggie McKinley researches and writes on legislation, theories of interpretation, minority rights and representation, the architecture of lawmaking institutions, and tax law and policy. Learn more.


Daniel Farbman

Dan Farbman's academic work builds on his practice by addressing questions of radicalism and reform at the intersection between legal and literary history.  

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William Ortman

Will Ortman’s research interests center on administrative law and legislation.

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 Joseph Fishman

Joseph Fishman’s scholarship focuses on the law and norms of intellectual property, with an emphasis on copyright.

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Brian Richardson

Brian Richardson’s principal areas of research are public and private international law and their history.  He also works in the areas of civil procedure and legislation. 

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Maggie Gardner

Maggie Gardner writes on international law, civil procedure, and courts.

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 Matthew Wansley

Matthew Wansley researches risk regulation in administrative, tort, and criminal law--in particular, how to choose among and optimize those forms of regulation in response to technological change and capture. 

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