Course Description

The First-Year Legal Research and Writing Program (LRW) is a series of sequenced, interrelated exercises introducing students to the way lawyers conduct legal research, analyze and frame legal positions, and present their work in writing and in oral argument. The course includes weekly meetings led by Climenko Fellows, library staff, and upper class teaching assistants. Students actively learn research and writing skills by preparing multiple drafts of memoranda and other documents and by becoming familiar with accessing both print and electronic research materials.

Each first-year student is required to participate in the First-Year Ames Moot Court Program as a part of LRW, and to brief and argue a moot appellate case. Ames cases are realistic hypothetical cases with some relationship to areas of the law covered in the first year. Students form teams of two within their sections to brief and argue the hypothetical cases before moot courts composed of faculty members, upper class students, and practicing attorneys from the Boston area. Students are advised during the briefing process and in anticipation of their oral arguments by their Climenko Fellows and by participating in classes on writing and oral advocacy skills.

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