Criminal Justice

Program of Study Faculty Leaders 

Nancy Gertner

Philip Heymann

Carol Steiker

Ronald Sullivan

Alex Whiting

Program of Study Research Librarian

Michelle Pearse

Program of Study Student Fellows

Nate Wood

Coby Loup

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The aim of the Criminal Justice Program of Study is to bring together and provide guidance to students interested in criminal justice, whether from a litigation, policy-making, or academic perspective (or some combination of perspectives).  We encourage all students interested in this area, either in contemplation of an eventual career in criminal justice or as a subject of academic study, to take a broad range of both lecture courses and seminars in criminal law and procedure as well as clinical offerings.

We particularly encourage students to seek to engage all perspectives on criminal justice and to learn about both the prosecution and defense functions in the justice process.  Even if you already identify yourself as defense or prosecution oriented, law school is an opportunity to study and learn about all aspects of the criminal justice process.  Regardless of where you end up, this broad study will make you a better lawyer. 

The Criminal Justice POS is a resource to students to learn about available resources in this field and events on campus touching on criminal justice.  We will also hold several events during the year to bring together students interested in this area. Past events have included faculty lunches, reading groups, happy hours and course advising sessions. For updates about the activities of the Criminal Justice Program of Study, sign up for the email list here.

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