V. Harvard Law School Digital Media Policy

1. Harvard Law School from time to time records classes for various reasons.  Recordings may be posted on internal secure course web sites for viewing or listening by students enrolled in the recorded course. Students should be aware that classes may be taped without further notice.  
2. Pursuant to the Class Recording Policy (Section XIII.F), the Law School will not record classes for reasons other than religious holiday observance.  Students wishing to make a personal recording must receive the express permission of the faculty member(s) teaching before doing so.  Classes may be recorded only for personal pedagogical use by the student or another student enrolled in the class.   Students may not provide or distribute those recordings to others for any other purpose.

3. No person is permitted to post, distribute or otherwise make available any recordings produced by the Harvard Law School Media Services Department without written permission of the Harvard Law School Communications Office.

Last modified: March 27, 2014

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