Final Winter 2013 Exam Schedule

All winter term exams will take place on Friday, January 25, 2013

For information about deferred exam policies, please see the Handbook of Academic Policies


FacultyCourseExam TypeTimeRoomExam Mode
Ferrell, AllenSecurities LitigationIn-class9am-12pmWCC 1015OPEN
Beckett, Mark and Tan, DanInternational Commercial ArbitrationLCTHDue January 25 at 4:30pmwww.exam4.comTAKEHOME
Feinberg, KennethThe 9/11 and BP Oil Spill FundsIn-class9am-11amWCC 2009OPEN
Kavanaugh, BrettSeparation of PowersIn-class9am-12pmWCC 2004OPEN
Corrigan, JackITA: Prosecution PerspectivesODTH8:30am-4:30pmwww.exam4.comTAKEHOME
Carfagna, PeterSports and the LawLCTHDue January 25 at 4:30pmwww.exam4.comTAKEHOME
Salzman, JamesInternational Environmental LawODTH8:30am-4:30pmwww.exam4.comTAKEHOME
Gordon, MarkMergers and AcquisitionsIn-class9am-11:30amWCC B010CLOSED
Tahyar, MargaretRegulation of Financial InstitutionsODTH8:30am-4:30pmwww.exam4.comTAKEHOME
Sullivan, RonITA: Criminal JusticeLCTHDue January 25 at 4:30pmwww.exam4.comTAKEHOME
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