1L Spring Electives 2014

1L students take one upper-level elective course for 2-4 law school classroom credits in the spring term.  We have identified those upper-level electives which are available to 1L students and provided a section by section listing of these courses.  The courses listed within each section page below have been uniquely identified to fit within your existing spring schedule.  Please be aware while selecting your preferences during registration you will see all available 1L electives.  We have provided you with the section lists as a reference tool to ensure you are selecting courses which will not conflict with your current required 1L courses.   Please refer to this list when submitting your preferences to ensure you are submitting bids for the electives which are available for your respective section.  If you submit bids for courses outside of your section list, you will create scheduling conflicts which could negatively impact your elective results as you would have submitted a bid for a course you cannot be enrolled in.  

Registration for spring elective courses begins Monday, November 11 at 9am and continues until Wednesday, November 13 at noon. You must select between 5 and 10 courses from the group of electives available for your section.  You will then rank those courses according to your preferences. We recommend you include a few courses with a substantial number of seats available to 1L students.  


Below is a list of by-permission of instructor courses.  These courses require the instructor permission to enroll in the course and are not available for preferencing.  Please check the course descriptions for instructions on how to apply.  The "Available Sections" column notes which sections may take the following courses without a schedule conflict.


FacultyCourse TitleAvailable Sections
Gertner, NancyComparative Sentencing Institutions6
Zittrain, JonathanContemporary Issues in Foreign Intelligence GatheringAll
Hanson, JonCritical Legal Studies - A Retrospective1, 5, 6, 7
Jacobs, WendyEnvironmental Practice Skills, Methods, and Controversies: Siting and Permitting of a Wind Farm as a Case StudyAll
Bartholet, ElizabethFuture of the Family: Adoption, Reproduction and Child WelfareAll
Bordone, BobNegotiation WorkshopAll
Smith, HenryPrivate Law Workshop1
Gersen, JacobPublic Law Workshop1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Stephenson, MatthewSeminar on Law and Political ScienceAll
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