2013 Harvard Law School Student Writing Prize Winners

Addison Brown Prize


  • Adam Chilton JD'13 for "The Politics of the United States' Bilateral Investment Treaty Program"
  • Jean-Christophe Martel LLM '13 for "The Effect of the CISG on Trade"

Victor Brudney Prize in Corporate Governance


  • Federico Cenzi Venezze LLM '13 for "The Costs of Control Enhancing Mechanisms:  How can Regulatory Dualism Create Value in the Privatizations of States' Owned Firms in Europe?"

Davis Polk Legal Profession Paper Prize 


  • Duncan Farthing-Nichol JD '14 for "Legal Education for the Administrative State:  Dean James M. Landis in the History of American Legal Education"

Roger Fisher and Frank E.A. Sander Prize


  • Netta Barak-Corren LLM '13 for "Compliance with the Law Under Religion-based Normative Conflicts:  A Behavioral Analysis and Preliminary Prescriptions"

Yong K. Kim '95 Memorial Prize 


  • Yun-ru Chen SJD for "The Emergence of Family Law in Colonial Taiwan:  A Genealogical Perspective"
  • Andrew Mamo JD '14 for "History and the Boundaries of Legality:  Historical Evidence at the ECCC"

Laylin Prize


  • Anna Su SJD '13 for "The Laws on Religious Liberty and the Rise of American Power"

LGBTQ Writing Prize 


  • Anna Lvovsky JD '13 for "Gay Semiotics:  The Legalization of Cultural Meaning in Boy Scout of America v Dale"

Mancini Prize


  • Goncalo de Almeida Ribeiro SJD '12 for "The Decline of Private Law:  A Philosophic History of Liberal Legalism"

Irving Oberman Memorial Award:
Bankruptcy Law


  • Stephen Adams JD '13 for "Derivative Exemptions in Bankruptcy and Dodd Frank:  A Structural Analysis

Irving Oberman Memorial Award:
Constitutional Law: Separation of Powers and Federalism


  • Andrew Rubenstein JD '13 for "Action Requirements, Shifting Power, and Sources of Constitutional Authority"

Irving Oberman Memorial Award:
Environmental Law


  • Brendan Selby JD '13 for "Internal Agency Review, Authoritativeness, and Mead"

Irving Oberman Memorial Award:
Family Law


  • Jeremy Feigenbaum JD '14 for "Bargaining in the Shadow of the 'Law'? - Case of Same-Sex Divorce"

Irving Oberman Memorial Award:
Intellectual Property


  • Dorothy Du JD '13 for "Novartis AG v Union of India:  'Evergreening,' TRIPS, and 'Enhanced Efficacy' Under Section 3(d)"

Irving Oberman Memorial Award:
Law and Social Change


  • Alexandra Wendell JD '13 for "Replication and Purification in Identity-Based Social Movements"

Irving Oberman Memorial Award:
Legal History


  • Saskia Katharina Lettmaier SJD for "Marriage Law and the Reformation"

John M. Olin Law and Economics Prize


  • Brandon Gold JD '13 for "Agents Unchained:  The Determinants of Takeover Defenses in IPO Firms"
  • Crystal Yang JD '13 for "Free at Last? Judicial Discretion and Racial Disparities in Federal Sentencing"

Program on International Financial Systems Prize


  • Aditi Singh LLM '13 for "Too Big To Fail Banks:  Examining the 'How' of Breaking Up"
Project on the Foundations of Private Law 
  • Michael Harbour JD '13 for "The Relationship Between Rights and Remedies in Private Law:  A Defense of Rights Essentialism"
  • Ee Kuan Tan LLM '13 for "Rediscovering Subjective Devaluation"

Sydney I. Roberts Prize


  • Koichiro Yoshimura LLM '13 for "Clarification of the Meaning of 'Beneficial Owner' in Tax Treaties:  In Consideration of the Relationship with an LOB Clause"
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