Report of the President, 2006-2008

2006 – 2008

Jay H. Hébert '86
Harvard Law School Association

"It has been an honor to serve as President of the Harvard Law School Association. As I approach the conclusion of my two year term, I am reminded of the HLS family – a circle of friends – and of how much I have enjoyed meeting and interacting with fellow alumni. The HLS Association represents over 35,000 alumni. We are practicing lawyers, indeed. We are also judges and justices sitting on the highest courts of the world. We are academicians, world leaders, and elected officials. We run major league baseball, football, basketball, boxing and golf. We are writers, actors, directors, and producers. We are public servants. We oversee Homeland Security and have served as Secretaries of the Army and Air Force. We are leaders at the SEC, World Bank, and United Nations. We forecast the stock market, provide you with places to shop, eat, and drink, and provide you with the credit cards to pay for it all. We are business leaders and household names. We are a diverse and amazing network of alumni and members of the Harvard Law School Association. Serving this constituency has been a tremendously rewarding experience."


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