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November 2011

We have had a series of remarkable events on campus this fall starting with the extraordinary Celebration of Black Alumni III, the noteworthy conference on Law, Security & Liberty After 9/11: Looking to the Future and an outstanding Reunion Weekend.


Nearly 600 alumni and guests returned to Cambridge late last month to enjoy a wonderful Reunion Weekend with classmates and friends. The weekend featured a series of fascinating conversations including a riveting discussion with Justices Breyer ’64 and Souter ‘66 talking about today’s Supreme Court…a wonderful conversation between Kathleen Sullivan '81 and Laurence Tribe '66 reminiscing about 30 eventful years of experience and practice…a thought provoking conversation between Julius Genachowski '91 and Jonathan Zittrain '95 on the future of the internet…and an enlightening conversation with Dean Martha Minow on today’s Harvard Law School. All of this and more (including an unexpected snow storm) made for a memorable Reunion Weekend.

In September, over 700 alumni returned to campus to celebrate the Celebration of Black Alumni III. The weekend featured keynote addresses by Ken Frazier ’78 who kicked off the event and provided insight into the meaning and significance of the Celebration of Black Alumni and Roger Ferguson ’79, who provided an in depth view of the current financial landscape and dispensed some well conceived investing advice. In addition, we were treated to an insightful conversation on an influential and transformative period in the Law School’s history with former Dean of HLS and former President of Harvard, Derek Bok ’54, and Walter Leonard, a revered former HLS administrator. The discussion was moderated by Charles J. Ogletree ’78, the Jesse Climenko Professor of Law and Director of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice. Throughout the weekend, panels, discussions and presentations created an electric atmosphere where attendees left both energized and inspired.

Student happenings...

Our students did their part last month to celebrate the 375th anniversary of Harvard University, as the HLS campus was transformed into a mock British House of Lords and our students led the HLS procession into Tercentenary Theatre. In spite of torrential rain, it was a wonderfully festive evening.

It was great to see so many of you back on campus and we hope to see many more of you in the future. For those of you who were unable to join us, I hope you will have a chance to experience some of these inspiring conversations on our web site. The accomplishment and impact of this community remains unmatched.

Best wishes to you and your families for a safe and very Happy Thanksgiving.

Steven Oliveira

Steven Oliveira
Associate Dean and Dean for
Development and Alumni Relations


Photos and Videos from Celebration of Black Alumni Weekend
Approximately 700 alumni and guests enjoyed a wonderfully inspiring weekend in Cambridge connecting and reconnecting with old friends while hearing from distinguished alumni and HLS professors about their experiences, the state of issues facing the legal community and the exciting new initiatives on campus.
Read More | Watch Video | View Photos

Fall Reunion Weekend 2011
Nearly 600 alumni and guests returned to Cambridge for Reunion Weekend late last month to enjoy a wonderful weekend with classmates and friends. During the weekend, alumni engaged in an exciting selection of lectures, panels, symposia, receptions, dinners, and tours. They heard from HLS professors who spoke about their research, learned more about exciting new initiatives on campus, and connected and reconnected with old friends.
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Moot Points, Well Made: Supreme Court's Sotomayor Helps Judge Ames Competition Finals
The experience of earlier moot court contests and many hours of rigorous study can seem to melt into the ether when third-year Harvard Law School students face not just any panel of esteemed judges but one led by a U.S. Supreme Court justice. Read More
John Paul Stevens Turns His Attention to William Stuntz's "The Collapse of American Criminal Justice"
In a comprehensive review published October 20 by the New York Review of Books, retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens provides thoughtful analysis of the recently published book "The Collapse of American Criminal Justice", by the late Harvard Law School Professor William J. Stuntz. Read More
Constitution Day: At Howard, Minow Reflects on Diversity in Education, Constitutional Law
On September 19, Harvard Law School Dean Martha Minow gave a lecture at Howard Law School in Washington, D.C., in commemoration of Constitution Day – an annual, national celebration of the signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787. Read More
Tea Party
Tea Party and Liberals Convene at HLS to Discuss Constitutional Convention (Video)
In response to a widely perceived dysfunctional political environment in Washington, D.C., attendees at a conference at Harvard Law School evaluated the potential and pitfalls of a possible remedy—a first-ever Article V convention to propose amendments to the Constitution. Read More
Environmental Law Experts
Environmental Law Experts Review Cases Before the Court (Video)
On September 28, the Harvard Law School Environmental Law Program and Environmental Law Institute hosted a Supreme Court Review and Preview to discuss the implications of recent Supreme Court decisions on the field of environmental law. Harvard Law School Dean Martha Minow introduced the event, and emphasized the Supreme Court’s role in the formation of environmental policy in the United States. Read More
Newton Minow
A Vast Wasteland Revisited (Video)
In 1961, Newton Minow – then Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission – delivered a landmark speech to the National Association of Broadcasters on “Television and the Public Interest,” in which he described television programming as a "vast wasteland" and advocated for public interest programming. Fifty years – and innumerable advances in media communications – later, Minow visited Harvard Law School for a forum exploring the future of journalism and the role of the state in the construction of the public sphere. Read More
9/11 Conference
At HLS 9/11 Conference, White House Adviser Unveils Counterterrorism Policy (Video)
Harvard Law School commemorated the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks with a two-day conference of top-level advisers and experts to elucidate the changing legal landscape in the battle against terrorism. Read More
On a Return Visit, Kagan Shares Insights on Life in the Law (Video)
Before an overflow crowd of students and faculty in the Ames Courtroom, U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Elena Kagan ’86 and HLS Dean Martha Minow engaged in a wide-ranging conversation about the current high court, Kagan’s storied career, and other issues during the Honorable S. William Green Lecture in Public Law, established by Patricia Freiberg Green in honor of her husband Congressman Bill Green ‘53. Read More


Rob Simmelkjaer '97
Former top ESPN executive joins NBC Sports Group as Senior Vice President, NBC Sports Ventures

Boisfeuillet 'Bo' Jones Jr. '74
Leaving Post Co. for MacNeil/Lehrer Productions


Andrew Schapiro '90
Joins Quinn Emanuel

Food Law Society
Food Law Society Co-Sponsors TEDx Conference on Food Policy
The Harvard Food Law Society recently co-sponsored a forum on food policy at the law school. “TEDx Harvard Law,” a full-day conference held on October 21, focused on food policy and public health, and the legal and policy approaches to increasing the supply and demand of healthy foods. The campus-wide event was co-sponsored by 18 different HLS organizations and Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED), a nonprofit focused on spreading ideas through conferences that can be viewed online for free. Read More
White Wigs and Red Boas
375th Party: White Wigs and Red Boas
The Dean of Students Office at Harvard Law School (HLS) made sure that history was a cheeky part of Harvard's 375th celebration for its future lawyers. A controlled mayhem reigned on the second floor of the School’s Caspersen Student Center, as the expansive space turned into a mock British House of Lords. Read More
Representing the NFL Players Association: A Harvard Law School Panel Discussion
In a panel discussion sponsored by HLS Lecturer on Law Peter Carfagna ’79 and Harvard Law School's Committee on Sports and Entertainment Law, “Negotiating with The League: Representing the NFLPA,” Peter Kendall, a retired NFL player who was involved in the league’s summer contract renegotiations, offered an insider’s account of the collective bargaining victory that preserved this fall's season. Read More
GLAD's Bonauto Assesses Litigation of the Defense of Marriage Act
At “Challenging and Litigating DOMA's Constitutionality”— an event that was co-sponsored by the Harvard Law School American Constitution Society, Lambda, and the Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Journal— Mary Bonauto, the Civil Rights Project Director at Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD), spoke about litigating DOMA in federal courts in the wake of the Department of Justice's recent decision to stop defending the law. One of the reasons behind DOMA’s enactment and behind the government’s hands-on approach to family status, said Bonauto, was to express moral approbation. Read More
Kathleen Morris
At HLS, Kathleen Morris Makes the Case for Local Constitutional Law (Video)
In a lecture co-sponsored by the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review and the Federalist Society, San Francisco City Attorney Kathleen Morris made the case for local constitutional law, which would overturn a century of Supreme Court precedent. Read More

In New Book, Professor Yochai Benkler '94 Makes the Case for "Prosocial" Systems Design
For generations, the assumption that selfishness drives human behavior has shaped the design of social systems in which we live and work. In his new book “The Penguin and the Leviathan: The Triumph of Cooperation Over Self-Interest,” Harvard Law Professor Yochai Benkler ’94 rejects this assumption as a “myth” and proposes an alternative, refreshingly optimistic model that asserts our human traits of cooperation and collaboration. Read More
Republic Lost
Lawrence Lessig, "Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress - and a Plan to Stop It"
Lawrence Lessig, Roy L. Furman Professor of Law, discussed corruption in Congress on Tuesday as part of an effort to promote his new book on the issue, “Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress—and a Plan to Stop It.” In addition to serving as director of the Harvard’s Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics, Lessig is a staunch critic of copyright restrictions. Discussing the book with Lessig was Harvard Kennedy School Professor David R. Gergen, who is currently a senior political analyst at CNN. Read More

Is Fixing America's Political System a Lost Cause? Lawrence Lessig Doesn't Think So

Low Income Protection Plan (LIPP)
Harvard Law School attracts and recruits spectacular students who use their exceptional intelligence, passion and determination to make the most of what the Law School has to offer.  Many go on to work as government attorneys, human rights activists, champions of civil rights, and advocates for traditionally underserved populations.  Given the significant educational debt burden of today’s graduates, such careers might not be feasible without loan repayment assistance.  Through the Low Income Protection Plan, or LIPP, Harvard Law School is committed to preserving freedom of career choice within the legal profession for its graduates. Read More
Disarmament Law
Inside the Classroom: Using Literature and History to Introduce Disarmament Law
Bonnie Docherty, Lecturer on Law and Senior Clinical Instructor at the International Human Rights Clinic, has a new seminar “The Promises and Challenges of Disarmament.” For much of the semester, she’s had students poring over the negotiating histories and provisions of international weapons treaties. They will have ample opportunity to analyze legal sources in depth. But for her first class, she felt it was important for the students to grasp the reasons for and the value of the law governing weapons. Drawing from her training as an undergraduate history and literature concentrator, she turned to readings that are atypical for a law school class but that had affected her personally and would help the students understand what motivates most modern disarmament advocates, including herself. Read More
The Podcast Revolution - Two Berkman Fellows Helped to Make It Happen
The podcasters of today owe a debt of gratitude to a group of Harvard scholars who revolutionized how people create and consume digital information. These scholars streamlined a method of both uploading audio files to the Internet and downloading them to a computer or mobile device. Read More
Intelligence Squared U.S. Live Debate:
Do Too Many Kids Go To College? (Audio)
Against the Motion: Vivek Wadhwa: Senior Research Associate for the Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Law School

Getting a college degree is often touted as a way to increase your income and your ability to compete in the job market. But are too many unprepared students being pushed into taking on large amounts of debt? And would top students with an entrepreneurial bent be better off forgoing college and instead trying to become the next Steve Jobs? A team of experts took on the topic in the latest debate from Intelligence Squared U.S. — the program's first live debate in Chicago. They faced off two against two on the motion "Too Many Kids Are Going To College." Read More | Listen to Audio
Professor Annette Gordon-Reed '84 Joins, Speaks at American Academy of Arts and Sciences (Video)
Harvard Law School Professor Annette Gordon-Reed ’84 was inducted as a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and served as the academy’s Class IV speaker at the 2011 induction ceremony, held October 1. Read More
Professor David Wilkins '80 on Globalization, Lawyers and Emerging Economies
In September, Harvard Law School’s Program on the Legal Profession, under the direction of HLS Professor David Wilkins ‘80, launched a major new research initiative in India called “Globalization, Lawyers and Emerging Economies,” or “GLEE.” As part of the launch, the program hosted a conference, “The Indian Legal Profession in the Age of Globalization,” in New Delhi, India, on September 10, which brought together 150 leading lawyers, academics, judges and policy makers to discuss the future of legal education and the future of legal practice. Read More
From Courtroom to Classroom: Nancy Gertner Reflects (Video)
Brilliant trial attorney, unabashed feminist, passionate advocate for civil rights, and one of Boston’s most respected—and controversial—federal judges, U.S. District Court Judge Nancy Gertner joined the HLS faculty this month as a Professor of Practice after retiring from 17 years on the bench. Read More
Kathleen Morris
Earl M. Phalen '93, and Adam T. Stofsky '04:
HLS Grads Urge Social Change
Two Harvard Law School graduates and social entrepreneurs shared their experiences creating and developing non-profits with a crowd of about 60 students at the Law School on October 31. Earl M. Phalen '93, and Adam T. Stofsky '04, spoke at the event. Read More
Clive Davis '56: Pop Music's Elder Statesman
In the corner office at the top of the Sony Building high above New York's Madison Avenue, the 79-year-old record executive, Clive Davis '56, cranks up his booming speakers and slips into the head-bobbing trance that has been divining hit songs for nearly half a century. Davis said, despite efforts to kick him upstairs, "I wouldn't go. But I wouldn't have succeeded in not going if the hits didn't keep coming." Read More
Thirteen Harvard Law Grads are U.S. Supreme Court Clerks for 2011-2012
Of the 39 law school graduates serving as clerks to the U.S. Supreme Court justices and retired justices in the 2011-2012 term, 13 hail from Harvard Law School—the highest number from a single law school this year. Last term 11 Harvard graduates served as Supreme Court clerks. Read More
Reggie Chambers ’01 Appointed to the 2011-2012 Class of White House Fellows
The President’s Commission on White House Fellowships announced the appointment the 2011-2012 Class of White House Fellows. The Fellows come from diverse backgrounds, varied professions, and all have shown a strong commitment to public service and leadership. Read More
Finding the Right Summer Fit: An Interview with Brett Stark '12
Last year, the Human Rights Program funded more than 20 students to work at internships abroad.  Brett Stark ’12, worked at RefugePoint, an organization in Kenya that helps to meet the needs of people affected by war and conflict.  As students begin to consider their summer options, Brett describes how he came to care about this work; what he learned from his previous summer internship; and why his second internship proved so successful. Read More
High Court
HLS Students Advocate Before Massachusetts High Court in Closely Watched Foreclosure Case
Just two months after landing a major victory in the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on behalf of homeowners fighting eviction, the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau (HLAB) was back before the high court last week seeking more protections for people with homes in foreclosure. The court’s decision, expected to come down in several months, could lead to greater accountability for lenders trying to foreclose. Read More
Laura Fishwick
Laura Fishwick '13 - Jolt Digest Opinion:
Ninth Circuit Holds that Apple did not Engage in Copyright Misuse 
The Ninth Circuit affirmed the Northern District of California’s holding that Psystar infringed Apple’s federal copyrights, and vacated and remanded the district court’s grant of Apple’s motion to seal summary judgment papers. The district court had rejected Psystar’s defense of copyright misuse, in which Psystar had argued that Apple’s Software Licensing Agreement (“SLA”) requiring users to run Mac OS X only on Apple computers “impermissibly extend[ed] the reach of Apple’s copyright.” Read More

HLS Connect
Become an Alumni Advisor in HLS Connect
If you have already registered for HLS Connect, but are not sure if you are an active advisor, login to www.hlsconnect.com/advisor and make sure your advising status is set to 'active' so that our students can benefit from your wonderful career and life experiences.

To register for HLS Connect visit www.hlsconnect.com/register
Community Water Center
Success Story: Laurel Firestone ’04 and Britton Schwartz ’07
Laurel Firestone ’04 is the Co-Executive Director and Attorney at Law at the Community Water Center in Visalia, California.  After Harvard’s Office of Public Interest Advising (OPIA) assisted Laurel in her job search, Laurel was eager to help current Harvard Law students in the same way former students had aided her. Read about her connection with Britton Schwartz '07 and how Laurel assisted Britton in developing her fellowship project and career. Read More

November 29, 2011
Washington, DC

HLSA of the District of Columbia reception in celebration of the HLSA 125th Anniversary
with The Honorable Elena Kagan, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of the United States and Martha Minow, Dean of the Faculty and Jeremiah Smith, Jr. Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
National Press Club
$50 per person; $35 per person for Classes 2006-2011, public interest, nonprofit, and government employees
Space is limited, registration required.
Event Details and Registration: http://bit.ly/qJq3WO
December 12, 2011
Beverly Hills, CA
ACLU of Southern California: Bill of Rights Dinner
Tribute to Professor Laurence H. Tribe '66
5:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Beverly Wilshire Hotel
9500 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA
Cocktail Reception - 5:30 p.m., Dinner - 6:30 p.m.
Event Details
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Irwin Schneiderman '48 Dies at 88; Guided the New York City Opera
Irwin Schneiderman, a lawyer and a philanthropic leader who guided the New York City Opera through a decade of ups and downs, died on November 16. He was 88. Mr. Schneiderman’s legal specialty was advising troubled corporations. He was also well known as a supporter of abortion rights, Brooklyn College and the Central Park Conservancy. He was a director emeritus of Lincoln Center. Read More
Derrick Bell, Law Professor and Rights Advocate, Dies at 80
Derrick Bell, a legal scholar who saw persistent racism in America and sought to expose it through books, articles and provocative career moves — he gave up a Harvard Law School professorship to protest the school’s hiring practices — died on October 5. Read More

'Stand Up, Speak Out,' Derrick Bell Told Law Students

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