Former HLS Visiting Scholar, Young-Hill Liew, Appointed as a Nongovernmental Member of the National IP Committee

On July 28, 2011, former HLS Visiting Scholar Young-Hill Liew, of Yulchon Law Firm, was appointment by the President of Korea as a nongovernmental member of the National IP Committee, which has recently been established under the newly enacted Framework Act on Intellectual Property.

Yulchon Law Firm is one of the most highly-regarded law firms in Korea and was cofounded in 1997 by five of Korea’s leading attorneys including Mr. Sai Ree Yun LL.M. '82 and Mr. Hee Chul Kang LL.M. '90.

The National IP Committee consists of 10 ministers and 18 nongovernmental members who are experts in the IP field, and for the group of 18 private IP experts, 2 lawyers have been chosen as members.

The Framework Act on Intellectual Property intends to promote creation of superior intellectual property, provide effective and stable protection of IP rights, promote fair and reasonable use of IP rights, create a social environment which respects IP rights, and to harmonize domestic and international rules concerning IP rights. The Korean National IP Committee will function in a similar manner to the US Intellectual Property Enforcement Advisory Committee in that both committees will focus on promoting innovation through protection of IP rights. It is hoped that the National IP Committee will help redesign the Korean society to become more IP oriented where intangible assets will form a greater part of the national economy like many of the most successful businesses around the world. Read More

Last modified: February 26, 2015

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