Reference Room Subcite Schedule

The following schedule lists times journal members have registered to use the Library's fourth-floor Reference Room to do large-scale subcite work.

The purpose of this publicly posted schedule is to avoid conflicts over space and resource use within the limited confines of the Reference Room. Please use this system to guarantee space will be available when you need it.

Please use the Subcite Registration Form to add your journal's subcite to this schedule. For more information, please contact the Library's Privileges Assistant, Alethea Jones by sending an e-mail to

Journal ˆ Author Mass Subcite Dates
Business Law Review    
Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review all articles Mar 1
all articles Mar 2
Environmental Law Review    
Harvard International Law Journal all articles Mar 1
Harvard Law and Policy Review    
Harvard Law Review    
Human Rights Journal    
Journal of Law and Gender all articles Feb 22
Journal of Law and Public Policy    
Journal of Law and Technology    
Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law    
Journal on Legislation    
Journal on Racial and Ethnic Justice all articles Feb 15
Latino Law Review    
National Security Journal multiple authors Mar 29, 9 am
Negotiation Law Review    
Unbound: Harvard Journal of the Legal Left