The Low Income Protection Plan (LIPP) provides loan repayment assistance to graduates in eligible jobs. This estimator gives an illustration of LIPP benefits at different types of employment with varying salaries, salary increases and levels of debt. While it provides a reasonably accurate picture of how LIPP works for most graduates, actual LIPP benefits are determined by the LIPP staff at the time of aplication using information particular to each applicant. The results of this estimator should not be construed as an assurance of a specific level of LIPP support. We strongly recommend that every student interested in LIPP meet with a member of the LIPP staff to get a personalized LIPP benefits projection.

Here are a few tips for using the estimator:


1.) How much HLS-related education loan debt will you have at graduation? (enter amount, no commas)
2.) How much of that debt will be LIPP eligible? (enter amount, no commas)
3.) How much undergraduate/Harvard joint degree debt will you have at graduation? (enter amount, no commas)
4.) For how many years will you stay in a LIPP-eligible job?
5.) What type of job will you get at graduation?
(only used to estimate starting salary and annual salary increase)
6.) What is your starting salary? (enter amount, no commas)
7.) Choose a projected annual salary increase percentage
8.) In what year will you graduate? (if earlier than 2020, choose "2020")

LIPP Benefit Summary

  Number of years you receive LIPP benefits  
  Total LIPP benefits received $