This estimator gives an illustration of loan repayment at different types of employment with varying salaries, salary increases and levels of debt, and shows an estimate of "take home pay" (the amount of income available to meet all personal expenses after taxes and loan payments). It also calculates the maximum salary (based on the amount of LIPP-eligible debt entered) that qualifies for LIPP assistance. If you expect to work at a salary below the maximum LIPP-eligible salary shown in this estimator, be aware that the monthly take home pay shown in this calculator does not include the value of LIPP benefits.

Here are a few more tips for using this estimator:


1.) How much HLS loan debt will you have at graduation? (enter amount, no commas)
2.) How much of your HLS debt is eligible for LIPP? (enter amount, no commas)
3.) How much debt from prior graduate degree? (enter amount, no commas)
4.) How much undergraduate/Harvard joint degree debt will you have at graduation? (enter amount, no commas)
5.) What type of job will you get at graduation?
(only used to estimate starting salary and annual salary increase)
6.) What is your starting salary? (enter amount, no commas)
7.) Choose a projected annual salary increase percentage
8.) What percent of your salary will you pay in taxes?

Take Home Pay Summary

  Monthly loan payment $
  Monthly gross income $
  Monthly take-home pay after taxes $
  Monthly take-home pay after taxes and loan payments $
  Maximum salary to qualify for LIPP benefits (based on LIPP-eligible debt entered above) $
  Percentage of annual gross income spent on loan payments
  Total loan payments (over 10 years) $
  Total gross income (over 10 years) $
  Percent of gross income spent on loan payments (over 10 years)