Tony Gallagher

Current Position: Professor and Head of the School of Education in Queen's University Belfast

Brief Bio: Tony Gallagher has been a member of the School of Education in Queen’s University of Belfast for 12 years. Previously he worked at the Centre for the Study of Conflict, University of Ulster for 4 years. Gallagher has also worked in the NI Centre for Educational Research and has been a consultant for many government departments, public bodies ands voluntary/community organizations in Northern Ireland. He has also worked with a number of international organizations including UN agencies, the Council of Europe, the British Council and the US Institute of Peace. Dr. Gallagher currently serves on the Board of Democratic Dialogue, is Chair of Public Achievement (NI), a civic engagement project aimed at young people, and a member of Healing Through Remembering. His most recent research projects have included an examination of integrated education in Northern Ireland and an investigation of the effects of the selective system of secondary education.

Research Interests: The role of education in ethnically divided societies, with a specific body of research on the role of education in Northern Ireland; Equity issues in public policy

Sample Publications:
  • Gallagher, T “Education in Divided Societies”. Palgrave/Macmillan (2004)
  • Gallagher, T. “Education and equality in Northern Ireland.” In Hargie, O and Dickson, D (Eds) Researching the Troubles: social science perspectives on the Northern Ireland conflict. Edinburgh: Mainstream Publishing (2003).
Perspective on Conference Themes: A decade after the ceasefires Northern Ireland still struggles to deal with the legacy of a quarter century of political violence. My main interest in the conference lies in the way we deal with difficult issues from the past and how this links into processes of forgiveness, remembrance and justice.