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Harvard Law School’s Green Early Interview Program (“Green EIP”) is a student-led program in collaboration with the Office of Career Services and the Office for Sustainability. Each fall hundreds of firms fly interviewers to campus, distribute promotional materials to students, and fly students to the firms’ locations for callback interviews—contributing to significant greenhouse gas emissions and paper waste. Green EIP provides an easy way for socially responsible firms to reduce the environmental impact of the interviewing process.

By participating in Green EIP, firms gain recognition for lessening their environmental impact by taking the simple steps of:

  • Purchasing carbon offsets for travel
  • Reducing paper waste associated with promotional handouts, and
  • Reducing general waste in hospitality suites

Furthermore, students appreciate participating firms’ demonstrated commitment to environmental responsibility.


  • Firms with multiple offices may participate either as a single entity or through select individual offices.
  • If your firm participates in the resume collection, but does not send interviewers to campus, it is still eligible if it agrees to offset the emissions from student travel to the firm.
  • Firms located within driving distance of HLS my participate by agreeing to offset the emissions from car travel.
  • Firms that conduct all interviews via teleconference or phone may still participate.

Participant Obligations

To become an HLS Green EIP firm, a firm must agree to meet three simple obligations:

  • Purchase greenhouse gas offsets from a Green EIP approved offset provider for all estimated firm plane and car travel associated with the HLS EIP interviewing process.
  • Limit the distribution of paper recruiting materials to one double-sided sheet per student.
  • Reduce waste generated at hospitality suites and firm receptions by replacing bottled water with pitchers and reusable cups.

Means of Promoting Green EIP Firms

Green EIP promotes law firms that participate in the program as “Green EIP Firms” to the HLS student body by:

  • Listing the name of each Green EIP firm on a webpage on the Office of Career Services website
  • E-mailing 2L and 3L students before first-round bidding with a list of participating Green EIP firms
  • Sharing a special HLS Green EIP logo with firms to use for their own promotion
  • Seeking exposure in local media
  • Utilizing social media sources to raise student awareness of Green EIP and participating firms, including providing participating firms with space on the Green EIP Facebook and Twitter page to share links and information
  • Providing firms with the opportunity to link to their CSR/Sustainability reports to promote their socially & environmentally responsible activities
  • Displaying the names of Green EIP firms in the student lounge at the Charles Hotel

The process for purchasing offsets can be completed in less than ten minutes and the Green EIP coordinator is available to assist should you have any questions.

Contact Information

Please direct all inquiries to the Student Green EIP Coordinator, at

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