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Scheduling an Event

Law School Policies and Procedures

Employers may host information sessions and informal social receptions for second and third year students any time during the year, and first year students in the spring provided they comply with the policy and procedures below.  The Office of Career Services will help you to choose an appropriate date for your event.  Please note the following:

  • Prior to organizing an event for students, employers must contact the Office of Career Services to ensure that the proposed date of the event does not conflict with another program or another firm’s event.  Your date must be approved before making any final arrangements. To schedule your event, please complete the following three steps:

Step 1:  Go to the OCS Events Calendar. Click on the 'Add Event' button found in the upper right hand corner of the page. Enter your event information in the required boxes and then press 'Submit Event'.

Step 2:  Email Heather Stewart, Recruitment Manager, at and inform her of your event submission. We will review your submission, email our response (approval or disapproval) within 48 hours and post it in the calendar if it is appropriate. Your event is not approved until you receive written confirmation.

Step 3:  Reserve space for your event at a restaurant or hotel that is close to the law school campus.  Here is a list of popular locations for employer events.

  • Consistent with the NALP Guidelines employers may not communicate directly or indirectly with first year students before December 1. This rule also prohibits informally arranging meetings with 1Ls during the fall recruitment season, even if the contact is student initiated. Invitations to social functions scheduled before December 1 should be directed only to second and third year students.
  • If the event you are planning is an information session or reception open to all students (or students in a particular class year), the event is a recruiting event and must be held off-campus.  Once the date and time of your event has been approved by OCS, the event will be posted on the OCS Career Events Calendar.
  • Employers may participate in on-campus events hosted by registered student organizations, but such events should be open to (and publicized solely to) members of the hosting organization.  Employers may not partner with a student organization, reserve a room on campus and then invite the entire student body (or an entire class year) to what is essentially a career-related program or recruiting event.
  • Employers that fail to comply with these policies may not be able to utilize the facilities and services of the Office of Career Services.

Thank you for your interest in Harvard Law School students. Please contact Heather Stewart, Recruitment Manager at if you have any additional questions.

Last modified: November 07, 2013

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