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Spring Interview Program (SIP) Logistics

Final Interview Schedules

Your firm's interview schedule will be available the Tuesday of the week before your scheduled interview date. OCS will send an email prompting you to access the interview schedule by logging in to Symplicity. At that time you will be able to download the resumes of students assigned to your interview schedule(s), as well as the resumes of those students who expressed interest in your organization but were not assigned an interview. 

If your interview date falls between:You will receive your final interview schedule(s) and resumes on:
January 27 - 31Tuesday, January 21
February 3 - 7Tuesday, January 28
February 10 - 14Tuesday, February 4

Reviewing Your Final Schedule

To view your final schedule, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log in to Symplicity.
Step 2: Select 'OCI' from the top menu bar
Step 3: Select the 'Interview Schedule Packets' tab
Step 4: Click the icon in the 'View / Download' column of the grid on this page to view your interview schedule(s) and resumes. Your schedule(s) and resumes can be printed from this page. When you open your packet, be sure to save the file since your interview schedule packets will expire after a few days.

Assign Interviewers

To facilitate a smooth registration process for your interviewer(s), please record the name(s) of your organizations interviewer(s) in Symplicity. To do so, select the 'Confirmed Schedules' tab under 'OCI'. Select the interview date, and you will see an option to add interviewer names. If you have multiple schedules, you should record each interviewer name on a new line. 

Interview Times

Unless you have requested a modified schedule, interview times have been assigned to take place from 11 am to 7 pm (EST).  Please keep in mind that students will have the opportunity to add interviews beyond the initial bidding period.  If your interviewer plans to depart campus before the end time for interviews, please let us know so interviews will not be scheduled for that period.  

Interview Room

  • OCS will reserve an on-campus interview room on your behalf.
  • Please let us know if you will be sending more than one interviewer. On-campus rooms are small, but we will do our best to find you a suitable room.
  • Please let us know if you need your room for longer than your assigned interview times. We may need to assign different rooms depending on the start and end times of your interview schedule.

Check-in Instructions

  • Your interviewer should check-in to OCS at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their interviews.
  • Snacks and refreshments will be available for your recruiters in OCS during their breaks.


The Office of Career Services (OCS) is located on the 4th floor of Wasserstein Hall (corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Everett Street) on the Harvard Law School campus. 


We recommend that your interviewer take a taxi or public transportation to Harvard Law School. If you do require a parking permit, please inform us at least 3 business days in advance of your organization's interview date and be prepared to make alternative arrangements if on-campus parking is unavailable.

Timing Guidelines and Non-Discrimination Policy

Harvard Law School requires that all professionals interviewing at our events review our Recruiting Policies and Guidelines. We ask that you forward these guidelines to each interviewer prior to their arrival on their scheduled interview date. If your organization's interviewers have any questions regarding the policies or guidelines, please have them contact us immediately. In addition, we require that you re-affirm your commitment to the non-discrimination policy by clicking the "We accept the terms of the Harvard Law School Non-Discrimination Policy" under your personal account settings in Symplicity.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Steve Donovan at
Last modified: December 01, 2014

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