Career Contacts


Wasserstein Fellows

 Wasserstein Visiting Fellows Program: Outstanding public interest lawyers come to campus to advise students one-on-one. 

Connecting With Other Students

"Who Worked Where": A listing of public interest internships held by students for the past two summers, as well as the students' contact information. Listings for the previous years are available in the OPIA office, WCC 4039. We have also compiled a preview of "Who Is Working Where" for the Summer of 2013. 

Faculty With Public Interest Experience

 Directory of HLS faculty with public interest experience. 

Guide to Public Interest Judges

Public Interest Judges. Students interested in pursuing a clerkship upon graduating, and are particularly interested in judges with a public interest focus, should reference this list of public interest judges. Many of these judges had public interest background themselves,  expressed an interest in public service in previous communications to both OPIA and to OCS; and were named by HLS advisors or alumni as valuing public interest backgrounds of applicants.

Contacting Alumni

 HLS Connect: An online database of alumni contacts, hosted by the Alumni Office.

 Alumni Advising Network: A partnership among OPIA, OCS and the Alumni Office that puts students in touch with alumni willing to offer advice and networking assistance on public interest careers. 

 Heyman Fellows: Graduates working in federal government

 Insider's Guide to Fellowships: Contains an index of fellowship recipients.

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