Alumni Profiles

  • mcqueen

    Brooke Richie

     Brooke Richie uses the law to stop intergenerational poverty in New York City

  • Altemose

    Craig Altemose

    Altemose builds a movement to stop the burning of fossil feuls

  • Firestone

    Laurel Firestone

     Laurel Firestone helps disadvantaged communities access clean water
  • Bonifaz

    John Bonifaz

    John Bonifaz protects the rights of voters

  • Bethany Henderson

    Bethany Henderson

    Bethany Henderson empowers young college graduates to work in local government agencies

  • Janet Benshoof

    Janet Benshoof

    Janet Benshoof develops new legal tools to implement gender equality

  • Jennifer Gordon

    Jennifer Gordon

    Jennifer Gordon fights for the rights of immigrant workers

  • Penda Hair

    Penda Hair

    Penda Hair advocates for racial justice, solving public policy problems across lines of race, ethnicity, and culture

  • betsy krebs

    Betsy Krebs

    Betsy Krebs empowers foster kids to advocate for themselves

  • Jessica Neuwirth

    Jessica Neuwirth

    Jessica Neuwirth works toward an end to all forms of violence and discrimination against women

  • Adam Stofsky

    Adam Stofsky

    Adam Stofsky harnesses the power of new media advocacy to give victims a voice

  • Susan Vickers

    Susan Vickers addresses the civil legal rights of sexual assault victims

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