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The HLS Running Club is a group of student runners of all ability levels. The Cambridge area offers many scenic runs on roads and trails and is a wonderful place to start running or continue training for your next big event. We welcome anyone affiliated with the Harvard community to run with us, whether you're looking to stretch your legs after a long day of class and studying, or are training for your next marathon. Join our email list to stay informed about all our running and social events!

Contact Info

To join our email list or to get more information, please email us at running@law.harvard.edu. We also encourage you to join us on Sidebar, an HLS-only area for us to discuss anything and everything related to running.

Colleen Harrison J.D. 10, President
Stephanie Selmer, J.D. 10, Vice President

Weekly Group Runs

The club organizes two runs each week, leaving from campus in the late afternoon. These runs are low-key and are a great way to meet new people and explore new running routes around campus. Pace and distance vary depending on who shows up to each run. New runners are always welcome! Join our email list to get the weekly schedule.

Current Group Runs leave from the main entrance of the Hark:
Stay Tuned for the Fall 09 Weekly Schedule


Each year, the Running Club hosts many events, including: a post-run pizza & beer, a post-race brunch, an evening potluck, a Boston Marathon party, and a running shoe drive.  Check out our calendar and join our email list to get all the details on upcoming events.

Local Races Calendar

Click here for a calendar of nearby races and fun runs.  For even more races, go to www.coolrunning.com

Find a Running Buddy

If you can’t make our regular group runs or want to connect with a running buddy for additional days, click here to post to our message board.  You’ll need to log in with your Harvard username and password.

Local Running Routes

Click on the links below to view maps of our favorite local running routes.  To share your favorite route, trace it on the gmap pedometer and email the link to us along with a description of the route.

To find out the conditions of a route before you go, check out www.avoidingtreadmills.com.  Add your comments to the site to help all Boston-area runners have safe and enjoyable runs.



Route Map Link



Union Square

4 miles

This route is all on major roads, so it’s a good bet for runs in the evening or when conditions are bad. One big hill on Stone Ave. at 1.5 miles.  This route can easily be connected to others in the Davis Square area to make it longer.

River to Arsenal Bridge

5 miles

A very flat route along the Charles River headed away from Boston.  The path along the river is paved with ample dirt and grass along the edges.  There is a tunnel under the first bridge just past mile 1 (same bridge just before mile 4) that makes crossing the street much easier.  At mile 1.5 after going under the tunnel, take a left to stick close to the water on a dirt trail through the woods, or go right to stay on the sidewalk near the road.  Just after crossing the bridge around mile 2.5, look down the slope to your left for another dirt trail that follows the River.  You can also rejoin the paved path along the River at mile 3 in front of the boathouse.

Cambridge and Broadway

5.5 miles

This route is all on major, well-lit roads, so it’s a good option in the evenings or bad weather.  There can be a lot of foot traffic though, so not a good option for a big group or those looking for a fast pace.

Fresh Pond

6 miles

A relatively flat, scenic route through Danehy Park and around the Fresh Pond Reservoir.  The only significant hill is Concord Ave. around mile 5. The path around the Pond is mostly paved, but there’s ample dirt and grass along the edges.  Not well lit at night.


6 miles

A route up to Tufts campus and back with several significant hills, notably Lowell St. just before mile 1.  To cross Somerville Ave. at in the first mile, go to the left side of the grocery store parking lot, and you’ll see a tunnel.  The railroad tracks between Cedar St. and Davis Square are actually a paved bike path.  Well lit at night.

Aberdeen to Davis Square

7 miles

This route goes through residential neighborhoods in Cambridge and Belmont and connects to Davis Square via a bike path that is marked as railroad tracks on the map.  Rolling medium-sized hills spread throughout the route.

Holiday Lights run to Boston Common

7.8 miles

This route takes you across the Longfellow Bridge, with its spectacular views of Beacon Hill, and through Boston Common.  The route returns along the Commonwealth Ave median.  If you leave campus at dusk during the holidays, you’ll see lots of holiday lights, including the big tree on the Common, and two parallel rows lit trees along Commonwealth.  The bridges are long gradual hills, and the Common area is hilly, but otherwise pretty flat.

The Fens

12.5 miles

This route starts on campus and ends at the Park Street T stop.  You can make it longer by running all the way home or shorter by starting at Park Street or Hynes Convention Center.  It’s a scenic route through the Emerald Necklace Parks and around Jamaica Pond.  There are lots of paved and dirt paths in the parks.  Definitely worth the T ride!

Mystic Lakes

12.5 miles

This is a scenic route around the Mystic Lakes in Medford. There is a dirt trail along the river and east side of the lakes.

Minuteman Trail

Total trail 11+ miles

This map shows how to connect to the Minuteman Trail by way of the Somerville Community Path near Davis Square. This paved trail is over 11 miles long.  For more information and a detailed map, click here.

Danehy Park Track

Standard 400 meter track

This track is open to the public and is well lit at night.

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