Fall Registration Financial Clearance

This process generally applies to returning students (rising 2Ls and 3Ls).

The Fall Registration Financial Clearance process starts with the July e-bill and continues through the beginning of the new academic year. It is to ensure that students have secured funding before the start of classes. Students may be cleared for the start of classes by doing the following to cover their Fall charges: securing their financial aid and supplemental loans, making a payment in full for the semester's charges, or enrolling in the SRO's payment plan and making the first monthly installment.

Things to know about Fall Registration Financial Clearance:

  1. Back balances must be cleared before any 2014-2015 financial aid (loan and grants) can be anticipated towards a student's termbill.
  2. If a student does not clear each summer e-bill's balance by the due date listed on the bill, he or she will be blocked from all registration processes, including the Add/Drop and Wait List processes.
  3. If a student does not obtain financial clearance by the first day of classes, he or she may be assessed a $250 late payment fee.
  4. Students will be ineligible to receive their cash advance until they are financially cleared.

The July and August e-bills are the first two e-bills of the new academic year and typically include the Fall 2014 charges (tuition, health insurance, etc.). However, students living in Harvard Real Estate may also see additional summer rent charges on these e-bills, which must be paid as part of their back balance.

Last modified: June 19, 2014

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