1040 Signed with Schedules


If you are applying for HLS need-based grant assistance and your parent(s) were required to file a U.S. Federal tax return in 2013, then you are required to submit their complete Federal tax documentation to  HLS Student Financial Services.


HLS requires tax data from both biological parents and from step-parents if a biological parent has remarried. We will not use the step-parent’s income in the determination of your eligibility for need based aid.  However we still need to collect tax data because we do factor the net worth of all parental assets into our determination of your eligibility for aid. For biological parents that have remarried we compile total net worth and then divide it in half to remove the 50% that belongs to the step-parent from our eligibility calculation.


While 2013 PARENT Federal tax information is ALWAYS required if you are applying for need-based grant assistance, you will notice that in most cases we DO NOT require 2013 student tax information (or 2013 student W2 information). This is because our determination of any assessed parental resources from income is based on prior tax year data, while our determination of your student contribution from income is based on your projected summer 2014 income which you will submit on the Student Financial Resources Web Form. Therefore, the student's prior tax year data is not relevant for how we award our institutional need-based aid.

Having said this, if your application is randomly selected to participate in either the Federal or Institutional Verification processes, we MAY contact you and ask you to submit your 2013 Federal tax data as part of these processes. Other than for these specific auditing purposes, we ask that you DO NOT submit your (the student) 2013 Federal tax returns or W2's. Students who accidentally submit these documents when not required should understand that they will be destroyed.

Complete documentation entails:

  • A signed copy of your parents' 2013 U.S. Federal tax form - 1040 (both pages) or 1040A (both pages) or 1040EZ
  • All Schedules/Statements filed with your parent's 2013 Federal tax return
  • All W-2's (the total dollar value of the W-2's should match the amount reported for "Income Earned from Work" on the Federal tax return you filed)
  • If your parents' did not file taxes, they must provide documentation of any earnings, as well as, submit our  Monthly Cash Flow Web Form
  • If, upon receipt, we determine that your parents' 1040 is not complete (i.e. missing any of the items listed above), you will see this document listed as "Incomplete" on the "Documents" tab of My HLS Financial Aid. Once you provide all of the missing pieces, we will update the document status to "Received".

Helpful Hints

  • No 2012 or preceding year's U.S. Federal tax documentation will be accepted in place of 2013.
  • Please DO NOT submit your parent's 2013 STATE income tax documentation.
  • Always verify the total dollar value of the W-2's matches the amount reported for "Income Earned from Work" on the Federal tax return you filed.
  • If your parent(s) e-filed, a copy of Form 8453-OL, which serves as a summary page of your e-filing, is not sufficient. You need to submit this along with the more detailed pages used to create this summary page. In addition, you need to be sure to sign all pages before submitting them. These detail pages should exist within the software you used to e-file. If you cannot get this information, you will need to replicate your filing on Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ.
Last modified: November 21, 2014

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